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Go that extra kilometer, go AWESOME.

The AWESOME Sink is a special building that produces  FICSIT Coupons for use in the AWESOME Shop by destroying items inserted into it, converting them into points based on their value or complexity, which in turn are used to print the aforementioned Coupons. Each successive Coupon requires more points to be printed.

The Sink can consume as many parts as the connected conveyor can supply, therefore its maximum capacity is 780/min using a Conveyor Belt Mk.5 or Conveyor Lift Mk.5.

Multiple Sinks can be constructed. Accumulated points will be shared between all Sinks and Coupons can be printed from any. If all Sinks are deconstructed, the amount of points and accumulated Coupons is stored.

AWESOME is an acronym, which stands for "Anti-Waste Effort for Stress-Testing of Materials on Exoplanets".

Items not allowed to sink

Some items cannot be fed into the AWESOME Sink and will clog the input. If that happens, it is advised to pick up these items or reconstruct the belt to allow other items to be sunk.

Coupon cost

Coupons increase in point cost as more are acquired. The first three coupons cost 1,000 points. After that, the cost for the n-th coupon is calculated as 500 * (ceil(n/3)-1)2 + 1000 or 500*POWER((CEILING.MATH(N/3)-1),2)+1000. When the current cost of a coupon is known, then the number of coupons that have been printed is (sqrt((cost-1000)/500)+1)*3.

In mathematical terms, the cost of the n-th coupon is given by:

Given the current cost c of a coupon, the number of coupons that have been printed is between


The cumulative cost for printing the first n coupons, if n is a multiple of 3, is given by:

It takes 1,895 Coupons to purchase every non-producible item in the AWESOME Shop, which would require 125,721,388,500 AWESOME points. This would take about 11 hours and 23 minutes at the current theoretical max awesome points per minute of 184,168,000 (see Farming Points). However, it only takes 208 Coupons to unlock every unique crafting recipe, which equates to 163,289,500 AWESOME points.

Patch notes and in-game dialogue suggest further items will be added to the AWESOME shop in future releases.

Group n-th Coupon Cost Cumulative cost
0 1-3 1,000 3,000
1 4-6 1,500 7,500
2 7-9 3,000 16,500
3 10-12 5,500 33,000
4 13-15 9,000 60,000
5 16-18 13,500 100,500
6 19-21 19,000 157,500
7 22-24 25,500 234,000
8 25-27 33,000 333,000
9 28-30 41,500 457,500
... ... ... ...
29 88-90 421,500 12,922,500
... ... ... ...
332 997-999 55,113,000 18,380,934,000
n (n = 0, 1, 2, ...) 3n + 1 to 3n + 3 500 * n2 + 1000 500n3 + 750n2 + 3250n + 3000

Coupon cost from Alien DNA Capsules

Alien DNA Capsules have a separate point counter. Unlike the standard coupon cost, it increases linearly by 1000 points for each group of coupons.

In mathematical terms, the cost of the n-th coupon is given by:

And the cumulative cost of the first n coupons is given by:

The table below shows the points required per coupon when sinking Alien DNA Capsules, which are worth 1000 points each.

Group n-th Coupon Cost Cumulative cost
1 1-3 1,000 3,000
2 4-6 2,000 9,000
3 7-9 3,000 18,000
4 10-12 4,000 30,000
5 13-15 5,000 45,000
6 16-18 6,000 63,000
n (n = 1, 2, ...) 3n - 2 to 3n 1000n 1500n2 + 1500n


Once sufficient points are accumulated to print at least one Coupon, the option to print it is made available. As the 'Print' button is pressed, an animation is played, where a Coupon comes out of the slot with the actual Coupon items. These coupons must be retrieved by dragging them into the inventory or using (⇧ Shift + Left). Coupons have a stack size of 500, so if the amount of accumulated coupons exceeds 500, the remaining coupons will remain in the Sink, and they can be printed out next time. In the AWESOME Sink UI, click the 'Print Coupon' button then drag or ⇧ Shift+Left the Coupons into the Inventory to retrieve them.

  • If coupons are printed but not taken out and the UI of the Sink is closed, those coupons can be re-printed the next time the AWESOME Sink UI is opened.
  • It's also possible to put Coupons back into the Sink using this mechanic by printing Coupons and instead of taking any, moving Coupons in the inventory into the Sink slot. This is only possible if at least one Coupon can be printed and the sum of Coupons in the Sink and the inventory does not exceed 500 (if it does, less than a full stack or no Coupons can be inserted back).
The UI of an AWESOME Sink.

Points generated per item

Points    Items
1  FICSIT Coupon
(For the first time, the Cyber Wagon is made available for purchase in the Shop and no points are given)
1  Red FICSMAS Ornament,  FICSMAS Bow,  Sparkly Fireworks,  FICSMAS Wonder Star,  Blue FICSMAS Ornament,  Iron Ore,  Sweet Fireworks,  FICSMAS Decoration,  Fancy Fireworks,  Iron FICSMAS Ornament,  Snowball,  FICSMAS Ornament Bundle,  Actual Snow,  Copper FICSMAS Ornament,  Candy Cane,  FICSMAS Tree Branch,  FICSMAS Gift
2  Screw,  Limestone,  Iron Ingot
3  Copper Ore,  Coal,  Leaves
4  Iron Rod
6  Wire,  Copper Ingot,  Iron Plate
7  Caterium Ore
8  Iron Rebar,  Bauxite,  Steel Ingot
10  Mycelia,  Flower Petals,  Color Cartridge
11  Sulfur
12  Biomass,  Polymer Resin,  Concrete
14  Black Powder
15  Raw Quartz
17  Quickwire
20  Petroleum Coke,  Silica
24  Cable,  Steel Pipe,  Copper Sheet
25  Rifle Ammo
27  Aluminum Scrap
28  Compacted Coal
30  Wood
35  Uranium
42  Caterium Ingot
48  Solid Biofuel
50  Quartz Crystal
58  Smokeless Powder
60  Empty Canister,  Rubber,  Portable Miner
64  Steel Beam
72  Copper Powder
75  Plastic
120  Reinforced Iron Plate,  Turbo Rifle Ammo
125  Medicinal Inhaler
130  Packaged Water
131  Aluminum Ingot
140  Fabric,  Rotor
147  Encased Uranium Cell
152  Packaged Sulfuric Acid,  Nobelisk
160  Packaged Alumina Solution
180  Packaged Oil,  Packaged Heavy Oil Residue
186  Stun Rebar
225  Empty Fluid Tank
240  Stator
266  Alclad Aluminum Sheet
270  Packaged Fuel
312  Packaged Nitrogen Gas
320  Beacon
332  Shatter Rebar
360  Explosive Rebar
370  Packaged Liquid Biofuel
393  Aluminum Casing
408  Modular Frame
412  Packaged Nitric Acid
465  Battery
520  Smart Plating
544  Gas Nobelisk
570  Packaged Turbofuel
608  Parachute
632  Encased Industrial Beam
696  Circuit Board
830  Gas Filter
855  Homing Rifle Ammo
920  AI Limiter
1 000  Alien DNA Capsule
1 176  Versatile Framework
1 376  Cluster Nobelisk
1 400  Object Scanner
1 440  Automated Wiring
1 520  Motor
1 533  Pulse Nobelisk
1 552  Factory Cart
1 880  Xeno-Zapper
1 968  Rebar Gun
2 560  Electromagnetic Control Rod
2 718  Iodine Infused Filter
2 760  Chainsaw
2 804  Heat Sink
3 072  Crystal Oscillator
3 776  High-Speed Connector
4 088  Blade Runners
5 284  Zipline
6 480  Nobelisk Detonator
9 480  Rifle
9 960  Modular Engine
11 520  Heavy Modular Frame
12 006  Cooling System
15 650  Magnetic Field Generator
17 260  Computer
18 800  Xeno-Basher
19 600  Nuke Nobelisk,  Radio Control Unit
35 580  Jetpack
44 092  Uranium Fuel Rod
54 100  Hazmat Suit
55 000  Gas Mask
62 840  Fused Modular Frame
86 120  Adaptive Control Unit
99 576  Supercomputer
153 184  Plutonium Fuel Rod
242 720  Turbo Motor
257 312  Pressure Conversion Cube
413 920  Hover Pack
543 424  Nuclear Pasta
543 632  Assembly Director System
732 956  Thermal Propulsion Rocket

This table is compiled using the data from Template:ResourceSinkPoints.json via Module:AwesomeSinkItemsTable.

The first time a FICSIT Coupon is inserted, the Cyber Wagon is made available for purchase in the AWESOME Shop, and no points are generated. Items not listed in this table will clog the input.

Alien DNA Capsules have a separate point counter, see above

Recipe point improvement ratios

As mentioned earlier, recipes usually yield more points than their ingredients. However, the point increase when using alternate recipes varies widely; the output from most recipes is worth between 1.5 and 2.5 times as many points as the combined input, but exceptions exist in both directions (as alts use either cheaper or more expensive ingredients, which affects how effective using the alt is point-wise).

Seven alternate recipes actually provide less points than all of their ingredients combined: Compacted Steel Ingot, Coke Steel Ingot, Rubber Concrete, Steel Coated Plate, Coated Iron Plate, Portable Miner, and Radio Control System.

The most "profitable" recipe as of Patch is Silicon Circuit Board, which generates items worth 7.19 as many points as the input items.


  • Other than farming points for Coupons, the AWESOME Sink is very useful to get rid of solid by-products, which is quite useful for any setup involving Refineries. Connect a Smart Splitter with an Overflow setting, with the Sink connected to the overflow output. An AWESOME Sink is also useful for forcing the factory to run 100% of the time as the output item will never have a chance to back up, with the cost of increasing power demand.
  • The AWESOME Sink does not consume power if it is not doing any work, much like other buildings.

Farming points

Some items can be used to effectively get lots of points for comparatively little effort:

  • Concrete: Only requires one step to manufacture from limestone but generates decent points for low energy costs.
  • Cables: Can be automated almost immediately and generate a decent amount of points for early game.
  • Raw Quartz: If a Resource Node is found early, lots of points can be generated with minimal effort.
    • Converting them to Quartz Crystals once possible doubles point yield.
    • Converting them to Silica more than doubles point yield.
  • Uranium: If the player is willing to accept risk of death from enemies as well as radiation, the Uranium ore itself can be sunk at any stage in the game for a lot of points due to its high base value and lack of a need to process it.
  • Object Scanner, Blade Runners, and Xeno-Basher give a lot of points early on, but can't be automated.
  • Quickwire: Given how much can be manufactured from just a single node, sinking excess can be effective.
  • AI Limiter: Similar to Quickwire, but considerably more effective.
  • Excess Space Elevator parts: Have no use if not demanded by the Space Elevator.
  • Some combination of Assembly Director System and Thermal Propulsion Rocket are used to farm points in the end-game. Assembly Director Systems are favored because they use less resources to produce.
  • The maximum amount of points that can be generated while using all available resources and energy without underclocking any buildings was about 184,168,000 points per minute by sinking 296.46/min Assembly Director System and 31.6064 Thermal Propulsion Rocket. This requires a 46% Uranium-Plutonium setup involving 23.2/min Uranium Fuel Rod and 10.3/min Plutonium Fuel Rod at 547 GW. This will max out the usage of every raw resources except Uranium (2% left), Limestone (20% left) and Nitrogen Gas (45% left), which leave no buffers for producing other high end items. One coal node has been added since then that is not considered (map limit for Coal used 30,120 instead of the current 30,900).
  • If allowing for underclocking limited production buildings (i.e. Miner, Resource Well Pressurizer and Oil Extractor) - which generally doesn't increase the required total number of buildings built - and considering the new coal node, this increases to 177,066,380.81? points per minute. The only buildings actually utilizing underclocking in this configuration are Miners on impure Limestone nodes and Resource Well Pressurizers on Water wells, which are more energy efficient than 100%-clocked Water Extractors up to some clock setting between ~12.86% to ~40.94% depending on the well. Otherwise the configuration is very similar, the same three items are ultimately sunk. This requires building over 33,840 buildings.
  • The theoretical maximum if additionally allowing for underclocking of unlimited buildings (Water Extractors and all processing buildings) down to 1% clock speed is 189,873,115.77 points per minute. In this configuration, fewer Plutonium Fuel Rods are sunk, instead some Concrete and raw Uranium are sunk as well. Even under these generous power conditions, the map's Limestone and Nitrogen Gas resources aren't fully utilized in the optimal configuration. Note this configuration is practically infeasible since it requires building around 3,274,000 buildings and will affect the FPS negatively.


  • The maximum amount of points per minute the chart will display is 2,147,483,648, the signed 32-bit integer limit plus one. This is only a visual limit. Since points come in on a per item basis and not all at once it will not affect the actual amount of points the player gets.[1]
  • An early concept for the Sink had considered using the Space Elevator for sinking items, but this was discarded due to concerns about getting all the resources to one central location.[2]
  • It takes about 2.31 MJ to sink a single item, assuming Mk.5 belt is used and it is saturated with items.
    • For lower tier belts, from Mk.4 to Mk.1, the energy spent for sinking is 3.75 MJ, 6.67 MJ, 15 MJ and 30 MJ respectively. Thus, it is least efficient to sink items with Mk.1 belts.
  • For the Sink to run constantly there should be no gap of items in the input larger than 1/30 the speed of the belt feeding the Sink.
    • For a Mk.1 belt, that's a gap of 2 items; the lowest evenly spaced rate that does this is 20 items per minute.

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  • Patch Fixed a crash for Clients when placing a Blueprint that has the AWESOME Sink
  • Patch Added a separate point counter for Alien DNA Capsules
  • Patch Fixed the Print Coupon button flickering briefly when opening the AWESOME Sink
  • Patch Recalculated AWESOME Sink point values and made the new parts sinkable
  • Patch Fixed bug where right clicking coupons while picking them up from the AWESOME Sink would result in losing half of them
  • Patch (Released again in Patch Fixed some shader bugs in the AWESOME Sink UI
  • Patch Points for Tier 7 and 8 items were rebalanced
  • Patch FICSMAS items can now be sunk for 1 point each
  • Patch Now capable of processing more than 600 items per minute
  • Patch Point values for all items were changed and re-balanced, generally reducing the amount of generated points. Most Equipment items gained point values.
  • Patch 0.3: Introduced
Points generated per item prior to Patch
Points Items
1 Coupon
1 Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Bauxite, Empty Canister, Packaged Turbofuel, Compacted Coal, Packaged Liquid Biofuel
2 Limestone, Coal, Iron Ingot, Copper Ingot, Screw, Wire
3 Leaves
4 Iron Rod
5 Caterium Ore
6 Iron Plate, Packaged Fuel
8 Cable, Copper Sheet, Spiked Rebar
9 Steel Ingot
10 Flower Petals, Biomass, Color Cartridge
12 Silica, Concrete, Quickwire
15 Raw Quartz, Mycelia
18 Packaged Oil
20 Sulfur, Packaged Water
21 Aluminum Scrap
25 Wood
27 Steel Pipe
30 Petroleum Coke, Caterium Ingot
40 Solid Biofuel
50 Uranium, Quartz Crystal, Polymer Resin
72 Steel Beam
93 Packaged Heavy Oil Residue
111 Uranium Pellet
126 Black Powder
143 Rubber
160 Plastic
180 Reinforced Iron Plate
195 Fabric
200 Medicinal Inhaler
210 Rotor
252 Aluminum Ingot
291 Stator
340 Beacon
840 AI Limiter
882 Modular Frame
1 044 Encased Industrial Beam
1 170 Smart Plating
1 194 Parachute
1 353 Automated Wiring
1 364 Encased Uranium Cell
1 517 Alclad Aluminum Sheet
1 968 Circuit Board
2 619 Versatile Framework
2 744 Filter
3 006 Motor
3 336 Cartridge
3 830 Electromagnetic Control Rod
5 848 Crystal Oscillator
10 880 High-Speed Connector
12 504 Iodine Infused Filter
21 207 Heat Sink
23 080 Battery
41 988 Modular Engine
51 175 Heavy Modular Frame
113 680 Computer
225 528 Uranium Fuel Rod
924 213 Adaptive Control Unit
1 033 220 Radio Control Unit
1 330 800 Supercomputer
10 833 620 Turbo Motor