Plutonium Waste

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Plutonium Waste is a radioactive byproduct of  Nuclear Power Plants by burning Plutonium Fuel Rods. It is not used in any crafting and is meant to be stored indefinitely. It is one of the few items that cannot be discarded with the trash button in containers or the inventory.

A single Nuclear Power Plant will produce 1 Plutonium Waste every minute for a total of 10 barrels of Waste every 600 seconds from 1 Plutonium Fuel Rod.



Recipe Ingredients Produced in Products Unlocked by
Plutonium Fuel Rod (burning)
1 × Plutonium Fuel Rod.pngPlutonium Fuel Rod0.1 / min
2,400 × Water.pngWater240 / min
10 × Plutonium Waste.pngPlutonium Waste1 / min
Tier 8 - Particle Enrichment



No recipe uses Desc_PlutoniumWaste_C


 Plutonium Waste cannot be sunk into the AWESOME Sink.png AWESOME Sink and will clog the input.

Plutonium Waste removal

Plutonium Waste cannot be fed into an AWESOME Sink, (legitimately) deleted or destroyed; it must be stored indefinitely. The barrels stack to 500, which allows for 12,000 (200 hours) to be contained in a Storage Container or 24,000 (400 hours) in an Industrial Storage Container.

It is advised to make large farms near the world border featuring dozens of Storage Containers connected in series to concentrate all Waste storage into one area, to minimize the area affected by radiation.


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