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The FICSIT Factory Cart™ (sometimes just Factory Cart or Golf Cart) is a vehicle used to transport pioneers within factories. Its special Grip Wheels ensure swift speedup and braking at the cost of insane drift on uneven surfaces (despite the description claiming "Foundation-only grip", the wheels work on all pioneer-built structures, such as buildings, Walkways, Conveyor Belts, Pipelines, etc.).

Unlike any other vehicle, it doesn't require any fuel. It has a single inventory slot and can be automated, as it disposes with self-driving and is normally detected by Truck Stations.

The Golden Factory Cart becomes available in the AWESOME Shop after sinking a "Employee of the Planet" Cup in the AWESOME Sink, which effectively requires the pioneer to have completed phase 4 of the Space Elevator. This is referenced in its description, "[...]Sinker of Cups, Employee of the Planet[...]"



 Factory Cart is unlocked via the AWESOME Shop.png AWESOME Shop using:
FICSIT Coupon.png
 Golden Factory Cart is unlocked via the AWESOME Shop.png AWESOME Shop using:
FICSIT Coupon.png


Recipe Ingredients Produced in Products Unlocked by
Factory Cart™
4 × Reinforced Iron Plate.pngReinforced Iron Plate
4 × Iron Rod.pngIron Rod
2 × Rotor.pngRotor
1 × Factory Cart™.pngFactory Cart™
AWESOME Shop - FICSIT Factory Cart™
Golden Factory Cart™
15 × Caterium Ingot.pngCaterium Ingot
4 × Iron Rod.pngIron Rod
2 × Rotor.pngRotor
1 × Golden Factory Cart™.pngGolden Factory Cart™
AWESOME Shop - Golden FICSIT Factory Cart™


How to get a Factory Cart:



No recipe uses Desc_GolfCart_CorDesc_GolfCartGold_C


 Factory Cart can be sunk into the AWESOME Sink.png AWESOME Sink to yield 1 552 points.
 Golden Factory Cart cannot be sunk into the AWESOME Sink.png AWESOME Sink and will clog the input.


  • Riding in a Factory Cart is slightly faster than running with Blade Runners. (55 km/h vs 48 km/h)
  • The Factory Cart has a shorter hitbox than a standing pioneer, making it somewhat useful for traversing in a congested area. (1.5 m high vs 1.8 m high)
  • Although a vehicle health bar is displayed when riding the cart, it is impossible to damage the Factory Cart by any means.
  • The Golden Cart's siren has a rainbow light instead of a red light.


While riding, clicking Left will enable the siren. It will display an animation in which the riding pioneer puts a siren onto the roof of the cart.

When getting out of the cart and getting back in, only the light will stay on (the siren won't be heard).


  • When riding, the upper part of the door will never be fully closed and will stay folded down, dangling outside.
  • Pioneers in Factory Cart are immune to fall damage and Radiation damage but not poison damage.
  • Truck Stations will load fuel into the cart, which depletes very quickly with no bonus. Its fuel slot cannot be accessed from its inventory.
  • When the Factory Cart is tipped, exit the car and interact E with it to flip it back to an upright position.
  • Even when driving the Factory Cart in a straight line, it tends to turn right after some distance.
  • Driving backwards in the cart is actually highly stable on rough terrain, though it tops out at only 25 km/h, slower than running without Blade Runners (32 km/h).
  • The title of the Factory Cart UI will sometimes appear as 'Puny Vroom'.
  • Occasionally, when deploying the cart, ADA will say "More than meets the eye."
  • It is called Golf Cart internally.[1]
  • When the Factory Cart is held as hand equipment, it will make the same popping sounds as the Portable Miner.
  • Even when the Cart is being assembled after being put down, you can ride it while it's being assembled. This will show the pioneer floating on nothing for a moment.
  • Despite the fact it cannot be built with the Build Gun, the Factory Cart can be dismantled with the Build Gun.
  • The Factory Cart was originally a quad bike.[2]


  • Patch Fixed the camera for the Factory Cart, it was incorrectly set so it would clip drastically when indoors
  • Patch
    • Moved Vehicle physics to using Unreal Engine 5 Chaos
    • Overhauled all Vehicle sounds
    • Improved the manual driving of all Vehicles
    • Reworked all Vehicle trunks visually simplifying the animation and adding a new sound
    • Added functionality for Vehicles to deal damage to creatures by hitting them
      • Damage dealt is relative to vehicle speed and size
  • Patch Fixed long standing bug where picking up a Factory Cart holding an item could give you a portable miner instead of a Factory Cart
  • Patch Factory Cart now show when there is no room in the inventory to pick them up
  • Patch Fixed issues with the Factory Cart having difficulties finishing path recording
  • Patch
    • Factory Cart should now have proper physics on new foundation types
    • Fixed Factory Cart not having colours when held in the hands slot
  • Patch Introduced the Golden Factory Cart
  • Patch
    • Adjusted the speed to be slightly faster than Blade Runners (previous speed was 40 km/h)
    • Now has a crafting time of 10
  • Patch
    • Tweaked air control and collision
    • Now has correct interaction text
    • Can no longer be picked up when it is being driven
    • Fixed a FOV issue
    • Camera position no longer follows when the Cart flips
    • Now returns its inventory on Dismantle
  • Patch 0.3: Introduced the Factory Cart