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Radiation intensity appears on screen when under the effects of radiation, due to being near a radioactive source.

Radiation refers to the effects of radioactive items and objects in the game, which cause damage to the pioneer unless a Hazmat Suit is worn. While radiation is in effect, the screen will become slightly distorted, Geiger counter noises will be heard and a radiation intensity bar will appear in the upper part of the screen.

Radiation effects are caused by being in proximity to radioactive sources. Radiation does not linger (except for bugs.

Radioactive sources

Each radioactive source has a ItemDecay value, which determines how strongly it emits radiation:

Item ItemDecay Stack ItemDecay
Uranium Resource Node 10000 10000
Uranium resource deposit 15 × Uranium contained (usually 54~66) ~900 (varies)
 Uranium 15 1500
 Encased Uranium Cell 0.5 100
 Uranium Fuel Rod 50 2500
 Uranium Waste 10 5000
 Non-fissile Uranium 0.75 375
 Plutonium Pellet 20 2000
 Encased Plutonium Cell 120 24000
 Plutonium Fuel Rod 250 12500
 Plutonium Waste 200 100000

Due to having both a very high ItemDecay value and a stack size of 500, Plutonium Waste has the highest density of radiation per inventory slot.

All sources or radiation glow in the dark.

Radiation levels

The formula for calculating the radiation level (intensity) is:


  • Amount of items. So 2 stacks of Uranium counted as 200.
  • Distance between the player and the item, in meters
  • 0.0125
  • : Refer to the table above.

Radiation intensity for multiple radioactive sources, such as items in different containers, are summed scalar in 3D. After the summation, the intensity level is then capped between 0.2 (0.44% radiation damage) and 45 (100% radiation damage). A pioneer will not receive any damage below 0.2 intensity. Beyond 45, the radiation damage is capped, which at this intensity, kills the pioneer in 5 seconds or consumes the Iodine Infused Filter at a maximum rate of 1 per 12 seconds. In-between, the filter lasts proportionally longer as the radiation intensity decreases. The radiation intensity bar in the game screen is capped at 26.7% radiation damage.

Items closer than 0.5 meters or in the inventory are counted as x = 0.5 meters.

The calculation applies to all radiation sources:

Radiation effects apply only to pioneers. Other creatures, including Lizard Doggos carrying a radioactive item, are immune.


In Tier 7, a Hazmat Suit can be unlocked via its respective milestone. Having the suit with Iodine Infused Filters on will protect the pioneer from Radiation damage. As the suit requires Alclad Aluminum Sheets to craft, it is required to complete the Bauxite Refinement milestone first.

Entering any vehicle also stops the pioneer from taking radiation damage.

Foundations, walls, terrain nor water don't reduce radiation levels by any means.


  • Be careful when hand-mining Uranium deposits, as Uranium in the inventory can kill the pioneer quickly.[1]
  • Uranium Waste and its products, excluding Plutonium Fuel Rods, but including Plutonium Waste, cannot be discarded using the inventory trash slot.
  • If farming resources using Lizard Doggos, keep them in a containment pen with a conveyor system ready to handle Uranium Waste, which they can find at any game phase.
    • Alternatively, killing the Lizard Doggo deletes the Waste.

Current issues

  • Sorting the inventory or a Storage Container will cause the radiation to persist even after radioactive items are removed. This lasts until the game is reloaded (or the Storage Container is dismantled).