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Indicator Lights are tube lights situated on electricity-powered and generator buildings that reflect the building's operating state. There are four total operating states they can display.

Power consumers or generators that lack Indicator Lights are:

Some buildings have non-standard ways of displaying their state:

The Radar Tower.png Radar Tower has three Indicator Lights, the only building to have multiple. All lights display the same color.


Color State Meaning Cause
No Power
  • Building is not connected to a Power Line
  • Production building has no recipe configured
  • Building other than a power generator has no power supply
    • The grid it is connected to is either has no operating power generators or is tripped
  • Power generator is out of fuel or Water
  • Production building is starving for resources by not having enough materials in its input slots
  • Building has backed up resources in its output slots
  • Building is manually set to standby mode by clicking the standby switch in its UI
  • Pipeline Pump is powered but fluid is not flowing through; or is placed on a Pipeline containing a gas
    • The Pump is not connected to a Pipeline on both ends
    • There is no fluid to be moved or nowhere to move it to
    • Head lift is exceeded
  • Hyper Tube Entrance is not connected to a Hyper Tube
  • Jump Pad has been used in the last ~2 seconds
  • Truck Station doesn't have any vehicle docked under it
  • Miner has depleted a SAM Ore Resource Node
  • The building is operational, such as by crafting, extracting, producing power, or otherwise executing its function
  • Same as the green state, but the building has a Power Shard inserted (it does not need to be actually operating overclocked)


  • When a building is constructed, its light will be black, due to a bug. This is resolved as soon as the state of the light changes from the default red, or upon reloading the save file.
  • Production buildings refers to buildings with configurable recipes.
  • The color of the overclocked state appears white on high gamma values and light blue on low gamma values.
  • It is normal for Indicator Lights in Red State or Yellow State to blink. [1]


  • Indicator Lights were not named until the patch notes, where they were named "Building Status Indicator Lights".
  • There is an "indigo blue" state which only appeared on unfinished or improperly implemented buildings.