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The Priority Power Switch is an improved variant of the Power Switch. It can be used to set which sections (named Circuit Break Priority) [1] of the power grid should shut off first, if a power trip is about to occur. Additionally, it allows other Priority Power Switches on the grid to be toggled remotely.



 Priority Power Switch is unlocked via the Caterium Research chain in the MAM.png MAM using:
High-Speed Connector.png
Circuit Board.png


  • Any Priority Power Switch in the world can be remotely turned on or off from the user interface of any other Priority Power Switch.
  • The user interface has two tabs. The Priority Power Switch can be named in the Priority Power Switch tab.
  • In the Circuit Break Priority tab, new switches appear in the "Undefined" priority group. Named switches can be dragged from one priority group to another.
  • When there is a Power Outage on a power grid, the Priority Power Switches will turn off starting with Priority Group 8 first. Priority Group 1 will turn off last. Pioneers are advised to put power generating plants in group one.
  • Entire Priority Groups on and off in the Priority Power Switch.


  • The Priority Power Switch was accidentally leaked [2][3] alongside Power Storage in an Update 4 video, but ultimately not introduced in that update.


  • Patch
    • Now has gradual 45 degree rotation on Foundations
    • Priority Power Switch can now be downgraded to Power Switch and vice versa
    • Added buttons for turning entire Priority Groups on and off in the Priority Power Switch
  • Patch Fixed the wording for the Priority Power Switch description to match the UI
  • Patch Introduced