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Disambig.png This article is about Beams, not to be confused with Steel Beam or Encased Industrial Beam

The Metal Beam and Painted Beam are architectural structures which can be used for designing elements of factory buildings. Beam Supports and Beam Connectors can be used to seamlessly connect these beams to other structures and to each other, respectively.



 Beams is unlocked via the AWESOME Shop.png AWESOME Shop using:
FICSIT Coupon.png


Beams can be built one at a time or 10 at once using the Zoop construction mode.

The rotation of beams can be adjusted by scrolling Middle before placing them. They also have a customizable length. Their build cost increases by 2×  Steel Beam for every additional 4 meters, and can be extended up to 40 meters (for example, a beam 5 meters long will cost 4  Steel Beams). Beams, their supports and connectors all have soft clearance.

Beams can snap to other beams, allowing continuous chains of beams to be built. Walls and Architectural structures can be built onto beams.

The color of  Painted Beams can be customized using the Customizer. The primary swatch color will be used.  Metal Beams cannot be customized this way.


  • While beams can only be built to 40m maximum length they can be directed by aiming at snapping points much further away
  • The middle of foundations can be snapped to the end of beams
  • Signs snap to one side of a beam, that side rotates with the beam allowing alignment of signs with surfaces otherwise not possible


  • Patch Fixed broken Sign rotation for Beams
  • Patch Fixed outlines displaying incorrectly on Beams
  • Patch Fixed an issue with Beam collision not working properly in older saves
  • Patch Fixed diagonal build mode not working for Beams
  • Patch
    • Fixed more Beam Rotation issues
    • Fixed Beam rotation issues when snapping to Supports and Connectors
    • Fixed bug where Beam dismantle returns wouldn’t match the build cost
  • Patch
    • Fixed so beams properly align their rotations with snapped foundations
    • Fixed Beam Connectors snapping to the sides of Beams
    • Fixed issues with Beam and Pillar snapping
    • Fixed some rotation issues and improved how zooping determines direction
  • Patch Signs can now snap to Beams and Pillars
  • Patch Fixed Beam rotation when building them vertically
  • Patch Introduced