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Wall Outlets are wall- and ceiling-mounted connection points for Power Lines. Akin to Power Poles, they can be used to transfer power alongside or inside buildings. Unlike Power Poles, they cannot be interacted with to view the power graph or reset the fuse.



Each mark of Wall Outlets becomes available in the AWESOME Shop after their corresponding tier of Power Pole is unlocked in the Caterium Research tree.


  • Wall Outlets can be placed separately or when by aiming at a wall or ceiling while extending a Power Line.
  • Wall Outlets can be upgraded in place by aiming at them with a different mark of Wall Outlet in build mode.
    • Upgrading from single to double Wall Outlets is not possible.
  • Double Wall Outlets are connected internally, meaning they don't have to be connected by a Power Line in order to be connected.
  • The amount of connections on Double Wall Outlets is per-side, so the total amount of connections is 2x the amount listed in the in-game description

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  • Patch
    • Fixed Wall Outlets Wall Outlets not snapping to Beams and Pillars
    • Fixed Wall Outlets not allowing 45 degree rotation
  • Patch Wall Outlets can now snap to and be built on existing Power Lines
  • Patch Wall attachments can now be placed under and on the side of Foundations (Power/Pipeline/Hyper Tube Wall attachments)
  • Patch Renamed Wall Power Poles to Wall Outlets
  • Patch
    • Now can be upgraded in-place the same way as Conveyor Belts
    • Wall Power Pole costs have been tweaked
  • Patch 0.3: Introduced