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Patch Notes: Early Access (EXPERIMENTAL) - v0.6.0.5 – Build 194290. This patch was released on 30 June 2022.

The original post can be viewed on Satisfactory's Discord, Reddit and Steam.


Hi Pioneers!

Hello again everyone, lots of details about today’s patch so please make sure you read the patch notes, overall there should be plenty of improvements everywhere and hopefully we didn’t introduce too many new bugs :)

But if we did, let us know over at our QA Site: We read your comments every day.

So, without further ado, one of the biggest changes in this patch is that we did some changes to the creature spawner behaviour, this was to address the situation where for a lot of players, the game had no creatures at all or much less creatures than before, also to fix other issues.

This will unavoidably result in all creatures respawning across the world, even inside Factories and in places where they had been removed from before until removed by the player again. We know this might be really annoying to deal with but it’s necessary for us to do, after a creature has been defeated it should no longer respawn from now on when in proximity to a manufacturing building (Anything in the Special and Production tabs in the build menu plus a few others) And creatures should no longer be despawned by certain things that would have done so before, like Power Poles, Hypertubes, Conveyor Belts, Pipes and related attachments. This is so when a super long Conveyor/Pipe/etc across a remote base is built it should no longer result in all the wildlife around it disappearing making the game feel much emptier than it should be.

That’s it for now and for this patch, but before I go I want to say, we are aware of other issues still being remaining, mostly affecting Dedicated Servers, like the foliage being unpickable or Issues with Resource Wells not working among other issues, We wanted to clarify that we are looking into these and other issues, but they aren’t as straight forward to fix as they might seem which is why they are taking a lot more time than other issues, but this is not because we have forgotten about them, so for now, please check the Known Issues section at the bottom for a bit more information on these two issues.

Dedicated Servers are still largely an Experimental feature overall and we continuously work on improving the experience on them, if the current Experimental version of them is too unstable, consider trying the Early Access version of the server for a potentially better experience. For full transparency, the summer vacation season is beginning in Sweden, so a lot of our team is starting to/about to go on vacation, so fixes will probably slow down a lot until mid-August where our team should be back in higher capacity. It’s been a lot of fun working for this update and we hope you guys are enjoying it and keep having a good time with the game. Thank you for playing and see you all again soon <3


  • Spawner rework, Initial creature respawn has been reset for all creatures across the world
  • Reduced the distance check for despawning when considered near to a base
  • Power Poles, Hypertubes, Conveyor Belts, Pipelines and their related attachments should no longer be considered a base, therefore should not despawn any creatures when built by themselves

Quality of Life

  • Power Poles can now snap to and be built on existing Power Lines
  • Wall Outlets can now snap to and be built on existing Power Lines


  • Regenerated all the World grass, this should fix all the floating grass across the world
  • Many fixes to foliage placement
  • Many fixes to foliage and world collision

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Spore Flower VFX lingering after being destroyed
  • Fixed Spore Flower dealing damage before its animations played
  • Fixed Multiplayer Clients and Dedicated servers Clients not being able to place Extractors on Resource Well Satellite Nodes


  • Radar Tower map now has a zoom slider
  • Collapsed categories in the Map are now saved when closing it/reopening
  • Added a new Tooltip Scaling option (User Interface > Tooltip Scaling)
  • You can now right click found signals in the Radar Tower to open them in the Codex
  • Added a Close button to the Split Stack menu (When you right click on an Inventory stack)
  • Fixed not being able to save without typing a name for the session first (Name will be auto set to “SessionName_Timestamp” if the name field is blank)
  • Fixed Delete Save button not working properly
  • Fixed “Currently Building: BuildingName” appearing for a very short time when accessing Dismantle Mode
  • Fixed an issue where the active equipment indicator in the Equipment HUD Slot wouldn’t work in some cases
  • Fixed Current Weapon UI and Keybind Shortcuts UI overlapping when switching tools
  • Fixed an issue where the Edit To-Do List Button would appear when loading/joining a session
  • Fixed Resources not being shown for Multiplayer Clients and Dedicated servers Clients when the Map or Radar Tower was opened
  • Fixed an issue where inputting text on the Drone Port search field could result in the player losing all input
  • Fixed an issue where Stamps wouldn’t show the correct icon when creating a new one

Known issues

  • A potential workaround for Foliage not being pickupable on Dedicated Servers is restarting the server and re-joining it. Sometimes moving very far away from the area you spawn in also results in Foliage being pickupable again, both in the new area and the old area. Worth noting that when Foliage is pickupable, it usually tends to break when disconnecting/reconnecting to server until the server is restarted. None of these workarounds are super reliable but they might help people play the game on the Experimental version on Dedicated Servers until we finish working on a proper fix for this.
  • Resource Well Satellite Nodes have a few different issues on Dedicated Servers, from not working at all, the extractors not working or them working but producing Nuclear Waste instead of the correct resource and Clients not being able to interact with them. From version 194290 you should be able to dismantle and rebuild the Pressurizers and Extractors on a Resource Well and Satellite Nodes, this is a potential workaround for this issue while we work on a proper fix for this.