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This page lists links to external online tools that can help you in playing by providing e.g. map locations, crafting recipes, factory ratios.

Save editors

    • Zoomable map of resources, power slugs, collectibles, etc
    • Uploading your save file to the website will enable you to view a detailed plan of your factory, with tools allowing you to analyse it and even edit your buildings.
      • Right-clicking on the Foundation, for example, and click on "spawn around" will open up a menu for drawing foundation geometric and other options.
    • In-depth save editor software
    • Not as user-friendly as the aforementioned interactive map, however, has more advanced capabilities of editing save files.
    • Not updated for Update 6 and later.

Factory planners

Macro planning

Micro planning

  • (Update 6/7 or 8 with simple mode enabled)
    • A tool designed to help with calculating production rates. Track inputs and outputs and potential production chain issues. Save capabilities. (Update 6/7/8)
    • Google Sheet used to track inputs and outputs of production, extraction, and power buildings. Link is to a Steam Guide outlining how to use the spreadsheet as well as a link to the spreadsheet itself. (Update 6/7/8)
    • Covers:
      • Power shards needed
      • The number of building needed for each build
      • What is being produce versus what is being used
      • Power generation and consumption
      • Recipe filtering to match in-game progression.
    • No visualizing, no optimizing, no solving. Just a clean and friendly experience that offers functionality closer to a spreadsheet: you make all of the decisions and the tool takes care of the arithmetic. Data is saved in the browser. (Update 6/7/8)

Codex-like browsers

Manual calculation and layout tools


    • Unofficial list of mods and tools. Mod manager can be found on the same website (the game currently does not natively support modding).

Dedicated servers



Update 4

Update 3

Update 2