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This is a list of the default controls/keybindings.

Default keybindings

Keyboard/mouse Function Other function/note
None Move Camera Not re-bindable
Esc Escape Menu / Close Menu Not re-bindable
W Move Forward
S Move Backward
D Move Right
A Move Left
Turn Right
Turn Left
Left Primary Fire Use Hand Equipment / Drag and Drop Items / Vehicle Horn / Take Photo in Photo Mode
Right Secondary Fire Split Item / Return to Build Menu / Toggle High Resolution Photo Mode
R Weapon Reload / Ammo Wheel / Change Build Mode
E Interact Quick Switch / Collect Flora / Resource Mining
Space Jump / Vehicle Handbrake Toggle automatic Craft Bench crafting / Focus Build Menu search
C Crouch / Toggle Camera in Vehicle
⇧ Left Shift Sprint Hold To Sprint can be enabled in the Controls section
Tab ↹ Inventory
Alt + Left Ping
B Flashlight / Vehicle Headlights
V Resource Scanner / Toggle Recording in Vehicle Hold to change scanned resource
M Open Map Unlocked in Tier 1
Q Build Menu / Vehicle Menu
Middleup Rotate Hologram Right / Increase Photo FOV
Middledown Rotate Hologram Left / Decrease Photo FOV
Left Ctrl Snap To Guide Lines / Toggle Mass Dismantle
F Dismantle Hold Ctrl to enter mass-dismantle mode
↵ Enter Open Chat
T Emote Wheel
P Open Photo Mode
Middleclick Toggle Photo Mode UI Visibility / Building Eyedropper
O Open Codex
N Open Quick Search
G Cycle Nobelisk Ammunition / Clear Vehicle Path
Alt + Middleup Cycle To Next Hotbar
Alt + Middledown Cycle To Previous Hotbar
X Customizer
Left Alt
+ Hotbar Slot
Map Marker Mode / Quick Apply Material in Hotbar Modifier See below
None button 4 Toggle Specified Multi Select Dismantle See below
Ctrl+C Copy Factory Clipboard See Reference[1]
Ctrl+V Paste Factory Clipboard See Reference[2]
H Holster Equipment / Hide Currently Building/Dismantling + Building Requirements UI / Hologram Lock Mode Toggle[EX] Using Left will place Buildable's / Blueprint.[EX]
/ / / [EX] Hologram Nudge[EX] Used with H during Build Mode or Blueprint Mode. Holding Ctrl when Nudging will nudge in half steps[EX]
1 Shortcut 1 Relevant Item 1
2 Shortcut 2 Relevant Item 2
3 Shortcut 3 Relevant Item 3
4 Shortcut 4 Relevant Item 4
5 Shortcut 5 Relevant Item 5
6 Shortcut 6 Relevant Item 6
7 Shortcut 7 Relevant Item 7
8 Shortcut 8 Relevant Item 8
9 Shortcut 9 Relevant Item 9
0 Shortcut 10 Relevant Item 10
§ / ` / ~ Open/expand console Not re-bindable
Alt + ↵ Enter
/ F11
Toggle Fullscreen Not re-bindable
This may result the game to be displayed at a non-native resolution when maximized

Keyboard controls can be rebound in settings.

  • Pressing Space while driving a Truck or Explorer will perform a drift.
  • Holding down Resource Scanner V opens up a selection wheel, allows selection of the target resource.
  • Holding down Emote T allows selecting the emote to perform.
  • The Map is only accessible after it has been researched in Tier 1.
  • Crouching while running will perform a slide.
  • Crouching before jumping will result in a higher and longer jump, especially if have the Blade Runners equipped.
  • Approaching a Resource Node and interact E to start manual mining. To do AFK hand mining, open the Inventory Tab ↹ while E is held down, then let go.
  • While equipping a Nobelisk, holding down Left allows them to be thrown farther.
  • Photo Mode can be used as binoculars by zooming in Middle.
  • Ctrl + F will enter Mass Dismantle mode, where up to 50 structures can be highlighted to be dismantled simultaneously. Letting go and pressing Ctrl while aiming at an already highlighted building will toggle deselecting, for as long as the key is held.
  • Holding None button 4 while dismantling will only mark buildings of the same type as the first building that was selected.
  • Holding Left Ctrl while building will align the building in a straight line, or snap to the next building.
  • Pressing Middle in build or dismantle mode while aiming at a building will copy that building, but not its configuration.
  • All building shortcuts are only for buildings and vehicles in the Build Menu or Customizer materials and colors. They are not for equipment and consumables.
    • These can be assigned by hovering over a building/vehicle in the Build Menu and pressing the keybind.
    • These might not work for some keyboard layouts. This can be fixed easily by manually rebinding each key.
  • There are 10 rows of hotbar, use Alt+Middle to cycle through them.
    • You can now swap the Hotbar scroll direction in the “Controls” menu in the Options menu (Clockwise and Counterclockwise)
  • If a Customizer material is bound to a hotbar slot, Left Alt + that hotbar slot will change all buildings in the hotbar to use that material.
  • In the Esc Menu, clicking the 'Respawn' kills the player, should the player get stucked.
  • In the Inventory window Tab ↹ as well as containers, Right splits a stack into halves. Holding down Right on the stack enables custom splitting using a slider or number inputs, as well as allow to view the item in the Codex.
  • The N Quick Search is also a simple single-line calculator (see below).
  • Resource Miner (Hand Mining) can be started / stopped by tapping E to Mine (Toggle) or by holding E to Mine, depending on how long the button is held.[EX]

Combination functions:

Keys Function
Left + ⇧ Shift Transfer the clicked item (or single stack) between opened inventories / quickly equip equipment
Left + Ctrl Transfer all of the clicked items of same type between opened inventories

Controller (gamepad)

Old Controler Keybinds were removed in Patch_0.8.0.5, so now you should be able to properly set up a custom controller configuration without any issues.[EX]

The game natively supports controller input. However, without Steam compatibility layers, there is no customization available (unless config files are edited) and the functionality is very limited, making it effectively impossible to play the game normally.[EA]

These keybinds may not apply for the Steam Deck, as it does use the Steam compatibility layers.[EA]

Controller Function
Right Stick Move Camera (not in vehicles)
Left Stick Movement (cursor in some menus)
Start Escape Menu (close some menus)
Back Codex
Left Stick click Open Map
A Interact
B Jump / Vehicle Handbrake
X Weapon Reload / Change Build Mode
Y Open Inventory
LB Resource Scanner / Toggle Recording in Vehicle
RB Build Menu / Vehicle Menu
LT Secondary Fire (Hi-Res Photo Mode, cannot split stacks)
RT Primary Fire
Up Ping
Down Flashlight
LeftRight Change Held Item

These controls were tested on an Xbox 360 controller.[EA]

In-game calculator

The Quick Search in-game N also serves as a simple calculator. The following operators are supported:

  • .: Decimal
  • + - * /: Arithmetic
  • ^: Exponentiation / Power of
  • %: Remainder
  • ( ): Parenthesis
  • sqrt( ): Square root

Other roots are possible using fractional exponentiation such as 8^(1/3)=2. The calculator enforces the order of operations.[3]



  • Patch Fixed a crash related to item pickup (using E)
  • Patch
    • Fixed Snap To Guidelines (Ctrl) and Save to Hotbar (Alt) Getting stuck
    • Reverted clearing Save to Hotbar’s default input now that bug is fixed, so it is now Alt by default again
    • Fixed a bunch of issues with keys getting stuck when alt tabbing (Like Crouch, Sprint, Jump, Map Markers, etc.)
    • Fixed Jetpack (Space) Getting stuck
  • Patch
    • Changed the default keybinding for Saving Hologram to Hotbar to be unbound/empty
      • This means that if you want to use it, you will have to manually bind it to a key, but for now it has been defaulted to nothing as it has been causing issues related to the Alt key getting stuck
  • Patch
    • Hotbar system has been reworked
      • Added a way to save the current hologram into the hotbar by pressing Alt+Shortcut key combination
      • You can now swap the Hotbar scroll direction in the “Controls” menu in the Options menu (Clockwise and Counterclockwise)
      • Renamed “Rotate Hologram” Keybinds into “Rotate Hologram Right” and “Rotate Hologram Left” so they no longer share the same name
    • Nudging (Arrow Keys)
      • Holding Ctrl when Nudging will now nudge in half steps
      • Fixed so Wall Mounted Flood Light Nudging is Vertical
      • Renamed “Nudge Up” and “Nudge Down” to “Nudge Forward” and “Nudge Backward”
    • Input System
      • Added an “Auto release sprint” option when Hold to sprint is off, this option is off by default. This makes it so whenever your movement stops, the ⇧ Left Shift key is automatically released so you have to press it again to start sprinting
    • Resource Miner (Hand Mining)
      • Can now be Tap E to Mine (Toggle) or Hold E to Mine, depending on how long the button is held
      • Fixed a couple of issues with mining lingering around when walking away from the node
      • Fixed Resource Miner having an incorrect animation in Multiplayer or when Holstering
    • Fixed being able to sample buildings when you shouldn’t (i.e. Inside a Hypertube)
    • Fixed an issue where drag and drop, using Left, wouldn’t be cancelled when opening up a different menu
  • Patch Added support for hiding some HUD elements. Can be toggled on and off in the options menu
  • Patch Removed the legacy option for “Enable Gamepad Input” from the “Controls” submenu and removed leftover keybinds
  • Patch
    • Added the ability to lock a hologram in place with H by default while in Build Mode, allowing players to inspect the placement before building
    • Added the ability to nudge a locked hologram with the arrow keys by default, allowing players to adjust the placement before building
    • Added a Dismantle Filter to the Dismantle Mode F, allowing the player to select a specific buildable to dismantle and ignore all other buildable's
    • Added UI for selecting Dismantle Modes
  • Patch Undocumented Change: Gave additional function to H. During Build Mode Q and Dismantle Mode F using Key H will "Hide on the HUD" the Currently Building/Dismantling + Building Requirements UI.
  • Patch Potential fix to E losing functionality when interacting with a building and closing it’s UI immediately
  • Patch Fixed a bug where using in-game chat ↵ Enter, typing in the in-game chat would still result in keybinding actions (Like R reload, etc.)
  • Patch Moved Controls Keybindings to their own submenu
  • Patch Adjusted the Foliage pickup speed when holding E to be faster
  • Patch
    • Added support for several ammunition types per weapon
      • Hold R with the weapon equipped to open the selection wheel
    • Added holster functionality for the currently equipped Hand Slot.
      • Default keybinding is H
    • Players can now hold E to collect foliage
    • Undocumented change: Added Function of Copy Factory Ctrl+C and Paste Factory Ctrl+V
  • Patch Made text prompts on Quick Switch E more consistent
  • Patch
    • Fixed G key being unable to be rebound
    • You can now rebind the Left Alt key for Quick Apply Material in Hotbar
  • Patch (Released again in Patch Fixed being unable to close the Locomotive Menu with V
  • Patch Some default shortcuts have been changed:
    • Default Flashlight keybinding is now B
    • Default Map keybinding is now M
    • Default Codex keybinding is now O
    • Customizer was assigned to X
  • Patch Closed Alpha 4: Photo mode P introduced
  • Patch 2018-10-17: Introduced