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A cave environment with Glowing Round Blue Cap Mushrooms.

A cave is any area in the Satisfactory world that is located underground. Numerous caves are spread across the map, with varying widely in size and scope. Some caves may act as shortcuts between areas, stretching under mountains, whereas others may only have a single entrance and hide a secret or reward, sometimes even acting as an obstacle gauntlet for the player to surmount.

Cave entrances often blend in with the landscape and can be hard to spot. Sometimes, cave entrances can be obscured by waterfalls, hanging vines that must be removed by the player, or breakable rocks that must be blasted away with explosives.


Cave interiors usually consist mainly of bare rock with scattered pebbles. Depending on the biome, plant roots may protrude through the ceiling. Almost all caves are filled with stalactites and stalagmites, mainly as a decorative element. Mycelial growths (mushrooms) are also common, making caves a good location to scavenge their resources. Some caves feature a blue, bio-luminescent grass-like plant covering on their ground surface, and some larger caves include large, glowing blue mushrooms, which serve as a player light source.

Some caves function as secret item locations, often blocked by a gauntlet of obstacles for the player. These commonly include (detonatable) large boulders, Stingers, or Poison Gas, but the player will frequently be rewarded with a Power Slug or an alien artifact (Somersloop/Mercer Sphere) for overcoming these.

List of caves

There are 52 caves mapped in the Online Interactive Map.[1] Many more caves are in the game but yet to be mapped.

Minor caves/ravines
Name Contents No. of entrances
Stone Arch Ravine Located below the stone arch in the Grass Fields, this ravine contains a SAM node and is guarded by Spore Flowers. 1
Blue Slug Cave Opposite to the Coal island outskirt of the Grass Fields is a cave leading to the home of a few blue Power Slugs. You can enter it from the ravine opening too. Which houses the SAM node. 2
Somersloop Tunnel A short tunnel in the Grass Fields beside 3 normal iron nodes. Great for collecting Mycelia. 2
Mercer Sphere Cave A short tunnel near the central void containing just a Mercer Sphere. Covered by vines that need to be chainsawed. 1
Fungus Under-cliff Covered by layers of fungus above, the shade below it contains blue power slugs along with 2 oil nodes. 2
Waterfall Cave Beside the cluster of coal nodes is a waterfall, which is the entrance to a cave containing a yellow power slug. 1
Major caves
Name Contents No. of entrances
Uranium cave A long cave with lots of curves and height differences. Contains one of the four Uranium nodes. 2
Desert cave A large cave in the Rocky Desert. Has two Quartz and one SAM node inside. 4
Tunnel A short but open cave linking the Dangle Spires and the Rocky Desert. 2-3

Stacked Caves

Different caves can stack on each other on different elevations.

  • Uranium Cave and the Purple Power Slug cave at the Grass Fields
  • Two Stinger caves at the Blue Crater
  • Lizard Doggo cave and the Purple Power Slug cave near East to the Islands
  • A Blue Power Slug cave above the cavern located below the spire of Rocky Desert
  • Several caves located within the mesa of the Spire Coast, with hard to spot entrances.