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This page lists old unreleased content which was datamined from old builds of the game and will not be implemented into the game, according to an official video by Coffee Stain.

This page is being preserved for archival purposes. As a matter of policy no new unreleased content should be added here, but additional information regarding the existing content is still considered relevant.

Dark Matter

Dark Matter was a crafting component created in the Hadron Collider. Guessing from the power requirement of the Hadron Collider, it might've been created only using power.

It probably was an early version of the  Nuclear Pasta introduced in Patch

RecipeIngredientsTime (s)Product
Dark Matter
1 1 ×  Dark Matter (60 / min)

Quantum Crystal

The Quantum Crystal was a crafting component used to create  Superposition Oscillators.

RecipeIngredientsTime (s)Product
Quantum Crystal
10 ×  Quartz Crystal 24 1 ×  Quantum Crystal (2.5 / min)
12 ×  Dark Matter

SAM Ingot

SAM Ingot was a crafting component smelted from SAM Ore that was solely used to craft SAM Fluctuators.

RecipeIngredientsTime (s)Product
SAM Ingot
6 ×  SAM Ore 2 1 ×  SAM Ingot (30 / min)

SAM Fluctuator

The SAM Fluctuator was a crafting component used to build the Remote Storage and the Converter.

RecipeIngredientsTime (s)Product
SAM Fluctuator
15 ×  Cable 12 1 ×  SAM Fluctuator (5 / min)
5 ×  SAM Ingot

Heat Resistant Suit

The Heat Resistant Suit would have been used to prevent the engineer from taking any heat damage. It is unknown where it would get used, as currently there is no heat damage (unlike Radiation and its suit for example). It didn't change the engineer's appearance.

Rebar Scatter Gun

The Rebar Scatter Gun was a ranged weapon that could be unlocked in Patch 0.1.5 and was removed in Patch 0.1.6. It couldn't be reloaded with  Spiked Rebar, rendering it unusable.

Its functionality has been reintroduced in Patch with the  Shatter Rebar alternative ammo for the  Rebar Gun.

RecipeIngredientsTime (s)Product
Rebar Scatter Gun
2 ×  Rebar Gun 1 ×  Rebar Scatter Gun
15 ×  Encased Industrial Beam
200 ×  Screw
20 ×  Steel Pipe

Rifle Mk.2

The Rifle Mk.2 was an upgraded version of the  Rifle. It could only hold six rounds (instead of 10) and dealt 12 damage per hit (instead of six). Just like the Rebar Scatter Gun, it could be unlocked in Patch 0.1.5 and was removed in Patch 0.1.6.

RecipeIngredientsTime (s)Product
Rifle Mk.2
10 ×  Heavy Modular Frame 1 ×  Rifle Mk.2
5 ×  Computer
100 ×  Rubber
2 ×  Rifle

Mk.2 variants of buildings

The Assembler.png Assembler, Constructor.png Constructor, Foundry.png Foundry, Manufacturer.png Manufacturer and Smelter.png Smelter had a Mk.2 variant that would operate either 25% or 50% faster (listed in the infoboxes below).

These buildings weren't introduced because Coffee Stain felt they would need unique designs, which takes a lot of work just for them to be the same but faster, especially with overclocking available.


The Converter was a building that could convert any two raw resources into any one raw resource of the player's choice. It used a temporary model.

Hadron Collider

The Hadron Collider was a building used to produce Dark Matter. Due to not being implemented correctly, the recipe could not be selected and the building was never operational.

The Hadron Collider was eventually implemented in Patch, renamed as the Particle Accelerator.png Particle Accelerator, with different functionality.

It had unusually high power usage, which didn't fluctuate. Additionally, it reportedly wasn't animated, simply lighting up while producing.

Hadron Collider In-game.png

Industrial Lighting

Industrial Lighting was a Power Pole-like with two power connections. Despite its name and appearance, it did not emit any light, even while powered, rendering it useless. It consumed 1 MW to "operate".

It was eventually implemented in Patch as the Street Light.png Street Light.

Powered Wall

The Powered Wall was a building that allowed power to propagate through foundations underneath it, removing the need for Power Lines.

It was not implemented due to being unintuitive. The intended experience was introduced using Wall Outlets.

Quantum Encoder

The Quantum Encoder was a building used for crafting the Quantum Crystal and Superposition Oscillator.

The E3 trailer shows it in action, as well as its blueprint.

Quantum Encoder In-game.png

Remote Storage

The Remote Storage was a building that could be used to access items stored within the storage unit from anywhere, accessible from the inventory. It only had one input and no outputs.

It can be briefly seen in the E3 trailer.

Remote Storage In-game-Front.png
Remote Storage In-game-Back.png

Conveyor Belt and Lift Mk.6

The Mk.6 Conveyor Belt and Mk.6 Conveyor Lift would have been the highest conveyor mark.

The belt could be accessed and datamined, with its description stating a capacity of 900 parts/min. After its removal from public builds, the capacity was increased to 1200 parts/min, as confirmed by translation strings.[1] They also confirm the existence of a matching Mk.6 lift,[2] which never appeared in a public build.

It can be assumed the increase happened at the same time the capacity of Mk.4 and Mk.5 conveyors was increased in Patch 0.1.15.

The Mk.6 belt is showcased in the Conveyor Belt Speeds teaser alongside all other Conveyor Belt marks and has been subsequently mentioned in several dev streams.


  • One of Jace's first tasks at Coffee Stain was to prototype the Remote Storage.[3]
    • One of Snutt's first tasks at Coffee Stain involved removing the Remote Storage.[3]