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Gas Pillars are rocky, hole-ridden outcrops found throughout the world that emit Poison Gas around themselves. Gas Pillars are found in groups.


Gas Pillars emit a steady cloud of Poison Gas. In some areas, the gas may extend outward further than where the Gas Pillars are located.

Gas Pillars are typically found around various collectibles and exploration rewards that can be found around the map: Somersloops, Mercer Spheres, Power Slugs, and Crash Sites.


Gas Pillars are immune to most forms of weaponry but can be destroyed by the explosions from Nobelisks, Cluster Nobelisks, Nuke Nobelisks, and Explosive Rebars. Once destroyed, Gas Pillars do not respawn.

A Gas Mask is necessary to navigate in Poison Gas to prevent taking damage. Driving a vehicle through poison gas still deals damage, even if a Gas Mask is worn.


  • Small structures, such as Power Poles or Conveyor Poles, can be built on top of Gas Pillars.
  • A Hover Pack generally allows Pioneer to fly over the Gas Pillars with ease, sometimes even collecting loot from a safe distance thanks to the interactive range extension when flying with a Hover Pack.
  • Before the Gas Mask is unlocked, one can "damage-boost" in-between Gas Pillars by constantly eating/using healing items to negate the poison damage. This is recommended for gathering Power Slugs at early game since it only needs to be done once before the collection.


  • Commonly referred to as a "fart rock".[1][2][3]


  • Patch Fixed a bug where it was sometimes impossible to hand mine near Gas Pillars
  • Patch Fixed some log spam related to Gas Pillars
  • Patch Fixed some issues with the Gas Pillar effects in a few areas of Dune Desert and Spire Coast
  • Patch Now can be permanently destroyed from Nobelisk explosions
  • Patch Poison Gas around Pillars should now be visible again
  • Patch 0.3: Poison Gas around Pillars is no longer visible (bug)