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Advanced Game Settings (AGS)[1] are essentially cheats that allow customizing the Satisfactory experience.


Advanced Game Settings can be enabled when starting a new session or when loading an existing save file. Before being enabled, a warning appears that disabling them later isn't possible, and an AGS-enabled save remains enabled.

Once enabled, individual settings can be togged on and off from the Esc menu in-game. In multiplayer, all players have access to the settings, not only the host. Select settings affect only the player who enables them (such as Flight), while others affect all players (such as No Unlock Cost).

List of AGS


Setting Affects Effects
No Build Cost Only you Building and customizing does not cost any resources, dismantling does not return any resources
Flight Mode Only you Unlimited flight by double-tapping Space (See AGS Flight Mode Controls) [2]
No Power Everyone Buildings don't require any Power to run, not even Power Line connections
No Unlock Cost Everyone Milestones, MAM research, AWESOME Shop purchases and Project Assembly phases don't require anything to unlock
Unlock Alternative Recipes Instantly Everyone Alternate Recipes will be unlocked immediately upon unlocking the condition for them to otherwise be unlockable from Hard Drives (denoted as "Unlocked by" on the wiki)
Keep Inventory Only you Affects which items are kept on death: all items, equipped equipment (default), or nothing
Give Items Only you Gives selected items or item stacks to the inventory (if there is space).
God Mode Only you Grants invincibility from every damage source except the World border which will still kill you.


Setting Affects Effects
Disable Arachnid Creatures Everyone Stingers do not spawn at all


Setting Affects Effects
Set Game Phase Everyone Sets the Project Assembly phase
Unlock All Tiers Everyone Unlocks all Milestones
Unlock All Research in the MAM Everyone Unlocks all MAM research nodes
Unlock All in the AWESOME Shop Everyone Unlocks all permanent AWESOME Shop purchases (building and customizer schematics)

Flight mode controls

Keyboard Action Other function/note
Space Fly higher Double-tap to start or stop flying, hold to fly higher
C Fly lower Hold to fly lower
⇧ Left Shift Sprint Hold to sprint can be enabled in the Controls section



  • Patch Made it so offline Players can now take damage regardless of any other conditions like God Mode enabled on Advanced Game Settings
  • Patch
    • Fixed Multiplayer / Dedicated Servers Clients not continuing to have Flight Mode enabled after logging in and out of a session
    • Removed knockback when the player has Flight Mode enabled
    • Flight Mode is no longer turned off when you use Turbo Bass with the Boombox while it is enabled
    • Fixed Game Phase Numbers and Naming in the Advanced Game Settings menu
  • Patch Introduced