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The pioneer is the player character in Satisfactory. The pioneer works for and is property of FICSIT Inc.[1]

Multiple pioneers can play together in multiplayer. Pioneers can both hurt (PVP) and revive E each other without the dead pioneer teleporting back to the HUB.

Points of view

The game is played from first-person unless driving a vehicle or traveling with the Hyper Tube, where the camera transitions to a third-person point of view.[2]

Concept art of pioneer dressed in different colored jumpsuits.[3]

Body size

The standing pioneer has a hitbox size of about 0.8 m x 0.8 m x 1.8 m. While crouching, it is about 0.8 m x 0.8 m x 1.3 m. When sliding, the height is reduced to 0.8 m.


Main article: Inventory

Each pioneer has a inventory, accessed with Tab ↹. It has two parts:

  • Storage (referred to as "Pocket-Dimension" in-game)
    • Can be used to carry solid items, but not fluids
    • Contained items can be used for building and manual crafting at the Craft Bench.png Craft Bench and Equipment Workshop.png Equipment Workshop
    • Its size increases through various unlocks
  • Equipment slots
    • There are five types: hand, body, back, head, legs
    • Each equipment can each be worn in its respective slot
    • Additional hand slots can be unlocked, but other types are fixed at 1


Main article: Health

Pioneers have 100 HP. Health depletes through attacks of other players, hostile creatures or the environment (Poison Gas, radiation, fall damage). It slowly regenerates, or can be rapidly regained by eating food or using Medicinal Inhalers.


Pioneers can interact with E. The default interaction range is 3.5 m, which increases to 20 m while hovering using a Hover Pack or gliding with a Parachute.

Interacting performs a different action based on the target:

  • Foliage and dropped items are picked up, yielding  Leaves,  Wood,  Mycelia, etc.
  •  Power Slugs,  Somersloops and  Mercer Spheres are picked up, but they key must be held down
  • Resource nodes of solid resources initiate manual mining
  • Functional buildings opens their menu, through which they can be configured, such as by setting a recipe, clock speed, vehicle loading or routes, etc., also showing useful information, such as their operating status or contents
  • Vehicles (except Drone.png Drones) are entered, allowing them to be driven


The pioneer can perform emote by holding the emote T key, then pick one of those actions:

  • Clap Emote.png Clap - Clap the hands two times (contains Easter egg)
  • Twirl It Emote.png Twirl - Twirl the Build Gun in hand
  • Facepalm Emote.png Facepalm
  • Rock Emote.png Rock
  • Paper Emote.png Paper
  • Scissors Emote.png Scissors
  • Point Emote.png Point
  • Wave Emote.png Wave
  • Heart Emote.png Heart
  • Finger Guns Emote.png Finger Guns - FICSMAS 2021, Day 24 Reward

Emotes can now be added to the Hotbar by holding the Emote Wheel key, picking an "action", and pressing the desired Hotbar Slot key


  • Pioneer automatically sits down when player disconnects. (Either in multiplayer mode, or even in singleplayer, due to offline mode).
  • All the player controlled FICSIT pioneers are women.[4]
  • The pioneer's e-mail address and presumably the employee number can be seen in the Codex: "[email protected]". In a multiplayer game, the email doesn't change.
  • The pioneer will never become hungry as there is no hunger system in the game, food is instead used to regain health.
  • There is currently no character customization, however, while not confirmed or entirely ruled out there will likely be some form of basic customization in the future, such as jumpsuit color selection.[5][3][6]
  • It is possible that the pioneer's name is either Becky or Monica.[7]
  • It is equally likely the pioneer's name or nickname is Bry based on the coffee cups that can be found in the HUB and Space Elevator.[8][9] (although this has not been confirmed).[10]
  • In order to work at FICSIT Inc you must prove your dedication to the job. So all Pioneers have to legally change their name to "Pioneer".[11]
  • When running ⇧ Shift, the normal running animation will sometimes be replaced with Naruto Run, which is only visible to other players.
  • The warning shown after receiving damage reads "DAMAGE TO FICSIT PROPERTY DETECTED" when above 3 health segments, or "IMMINENT DESTRUCTION OF FICSIT PROPERTY DETECTED" when below.
  • When hostile fauna's AI starts aggravating on the Pioneer, there is a warning saying "Unauthorized Hostility Towards FICSIT Pioneer Detected"
  • The Pioneer's age is not yet known.[12]
  • On April 1, 2021, the April Fools Special Event was introduced. This event was repeated on April 1, 2022 and April 1, 2023. During all three events, the Pioneer's Head / Helmet appeared larger.
  • The 'Clap' emote can be used to toggle the nearby Lights on and off.
  • The original high-quality model for the Pioneer has been lost.[13]
  • The reflection on the helmet is most likely HDRI_Epic_Courtyard_Daylight a default Unreal Engine Texture Cube used in reflective objects most of the time unless lumen is on.



  • Patch You can now enter occupied Vehicles and kick out the driver if the driver is offline
  • Patch Made it so offline Players can now take damage regardless of any other conditions like God Mode enabled on Advanced Game Settings
  • Patch
    • Refactored player mapping contexts, reordered player mapping context priorities, so we have a clear hierarchy. This should potentially fix issues where certain actions like detonating Nobelisks cannot be done.
    • Fixed bug where player can fall through world as a ragdoll when falling to far, It's still possible to clip through the world when traveling really fast as a ragdoll, but it's much more difficult and won't happen under normal circumstances.
  • Patch
    • The Pioneer now respawns with the equipment that was equipped on death still equipped
    • Reworked and improved the Pioneer's footstep sounds
  • Patch Fixed a crash when damaging a player inside a vehicle with explosive damage
  • Patch
    • Added additional equipment slots for the Pioneer: Head, Back, and Legs in addition to Body for a total of four
    • Equipment tool tips have additional information such as slot type, compatible ammunition, and a damage indicator
    • Consumables now prioritize stacking with Hand Slots when picked up
    • Double clicking equipment in the inventory now equips it to the first empty slot if available and otherwise replaces the currently active equipment
    • Added an additional Hand Slot +1 unlock in the Mycelia research tree
    • Map Markers for inactive Pioneers are now hidden
    • Pioneer health now regenerates to full over time
  • Patch Emotes can now be added to the Hotbar by holding the Emote Wheel key and pressing the desired Hotbar Slot key
  • Patch Introduced that every April Fools, the pioneer's head appears larger