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Jetpacks allow for maneuverability and can act as shock-dampeners when out pioneering in uncharted territories. Be sure to keep it stocked with fuel at all times, especially in mid-air!
~ Caterina Parks's assistant Steve

The Jetpack is equipment pioneers can use to maneuver in the air, gain elevation and avoid fall damage.



Recipe Ingredients Produced in Products Unlocked by
50 × Plastic.pngPlastic
50 × Rubber.pngRubber
15 × Circuit Board.pngCircuit Board
5 × Motor.pngMotor
1 × Jetpack.pngJetpack
Tier 6 - Jetpack

Creature loot

A Jetpack Hog drops a single Jetpack on death. As one can spawn at any stage in the game, it allows a Jetpack to be obtained before Tier 6 and used as soon as in Tier 2, when  Solid Biofuel becomes available.



A Jetpack equipped in the back slot in the Inventory

The Jetpack is a personal flight device used to increase altitude and potentially avoid fall damage. It also increases mobility during jumps, making the directional keys move the player faster than they would normally.

When flying horizontally, it is advised to tap the jump button once in a while at the correct timing, instead of simply holding down the jump button. This will allows the pioneer to perform a series of smaller jumps in the air, which greatly increases the flight range.

The (especially horizontal) speed of the pioneer in the air is based on the speed the pioneer had while taking off, therefore, if the pioneer was running on a Mk.5 Conveyor Belt before taking off, the flight speed will be greatly increased.

To prevent fall damage, simply tap the jump button just before the pioneer reaches the ground. This will consume a small amount of fuel.


Preferred Fuel Type UI
The maximum height that can be reached with each fuel type

The Jetpack requires fuel in the pioneer's inventory to operate. A fuel bar is displayed at the lower left of the HUD. It quickly depletes during the flight. Refueling happens automatically when the pioneer is standing on a solid surface (not in the air, swimming, or climbing a Ladder), consuming Packaged Fuel from the inventory.

The Jetpack can use either  Packaged Fuel,  Solid Biofuel,  Packaged Turbofuel,  Packaged Liquid Biofuel. In the Inventory Tab ↹, a Preferred Jetpack Fuel Type can be set by clocking the gear icon ⚙️ while the Jetpack is equipped in the back slot.

The preferred fuel will be used if available. Otherwise, the whichever fuel is first in the inventory will be used (left to right, top to bottom).

Each fuel type has different properties:[1]

Fuel Burn time Acceleration Maximum height Notes
 Solid Biofuel Shorter Slower 16 m Can be used prior to Tier 5.
 Packaged Fuel Normal Normal 28 m Default fuel type.
 Packaged Turbofuel Shorter Faster 52 m Provides improved air control.
 Packaged Liquid Biofuel Longer Normal 62 m Acceleration same as Packaged Fuel.
  •  Solid Biofuel is the only fuel available before Tier 5/6. It allows the Jetpack to be used earlier, such as when just getting started with Oil Processing, or when one is obtained from a Jetpack Hog. It is overall the worst fuel, having slow acceleration and the shortest burn time, and itself cannot be fully automated.
  •  Packaged Fuel is the default fuel. It has an average acceleration and burn time, and can be automated easily. However, it is inferior to the following two fuel types:
  •  Packaged Turbofuel has faster acceleration and improved air mobility, which makes it ideal to use during combat, especially against Cliff Hogs and Elite Stingers. It takes some additional resources to be automated, but the gains make it worthwhile.
  •  Packaged Liquid Biofuel has the same acceleration as Packaged Fuel, but lasts much longer, allowing it to traverse greater distances and go higher than even Packaged Turbofuel. This makes it an ideal all-round and exploration fuel. Its only downside is that it cannot be fully automated, much like Solid Biofuel.


 Jetpack can be sunk into the AWESOME Sink.png AWESOME Sink to yield 35 580 points.

Current issues

  • During autosave, the Jetpack will continue adding upward velocity during the short freeze that sometimes occurs, causing a sudden upward boost when the game unfreezes that can greatly exceed the Jetpack's normal abilities for increasing altitude.




  • Patch Fixed a bug where Packaged Liquid Biofuel could not be selected in the Jetpack until Packaged Turbofuel is unlocked
  • Patch Fixed Jetpack (Space) getting stuck
  • Patch Fixed multiple Jetpack UI bugs
  • Patch Minor updates to the descriptions of the Jetpack and Fuels to match the new Jetpack changes
  • Patch
    • Jetpack can now refuel while the player is on a Zipline.
    • The Jetpack can now use a selection of fuels with different burn rates and acceleration. Thanks to this the Jetpack can be used before automating fuel with Solid Biofuel, and in the late game you can even use Turbofuel which has unparalleled acceleration.
    • Added functionality to change the preferred fuel of equipped Jetpack in Inventory window
  • Patch Fixed an issue where icons would show up blank after Holstering equipment that uses fuel
  • Patch Fixed a crash for Multiplayer Clients and Dedicated Servers Clients when using the Jetpack
  • Patch No longer requires Computers for its unlock (replaced by Packaged Fuel), making it a bit easier to unlock in early Tier 6
  • Unknown Update 4 patch: Changed recipe from 25 Cables to 5 Motors
  • Patch 0.3: Now consumes Packaged Fuel instead of Fuel
  • Patch 0.1.5: Changed crafting cost from 3 Circuit Board and 25 Plastic to 15 Circuit Board and 50 Plastic