Assembly Director System

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Assembly Director System is a component of Project Assembly. It is used to complete deliveries in the Space Elevator, which in return unlocks additional tiers in the HUB. As with all Project parts, it cannot be crafted in a Craft Bench and has to be automated with a machine.



Recipe Ingredients Produced in Products Unlocked by
Assembly Director System
2 × Adaptive Control Unit.pngAdaptive Control Unit1.5 / min
1 × Supercomputer.pngSupercomputer0.75 / min
80 sec
1 × Assembly Director System.pngAssembly Director System0.75 / min
Tier 7 - Aeronautical Engineering


Space Elevator

Assembly Director System is used to complete deliveries in the Space Elevator.png Space Elevator.


No recipe uses Desc_SpaceElevatorPart_7_C


 Assembly Director System can be sunk into the AWESOME Sink.png AWESOME Sink to yield 543 632 points.


  • Patch Properly introduced
  • Patch 0.3: Removed
  • Patch Introduced as Spelevator Part 6
    • Required 1 'Spelevator Part 2' (now Versatile Framework), 6 Circuit Boards and 1 Computer to craft in 60 s

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