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The crystals on these slugs can be harvested and converted into power shards that function with current FICSIT technology.

Power Slugs are collectibles which are used to craft  Power Shards, which enable overclocking of buildings. They appear as glowing immobile slugs and can found around the world. They do not respawn and there is a limited number in the world, but a small number of renewable Power Slugs can be found with the aid of tamed Lizard Doggos. They can be researched at the MAM to unlock overclocking of buildings, along with recipes to craft slugs into Power Shards at a Craft Bench or Constructor.


There are blue, yellow, and purple slugs scattered around the map, which can be crafted into one, two and five  Power Shards respectively, with increasing rarity.


There are 400 Blue Power Slugs in the world. They are often found in plain sight on small stone spires, on the trees or hills that rarely require a ladder or a  Jetpack to reach. You may find a few of them hidden inside crackable boulders which can be detonated with a  Nobelisk Detonator.

Blue Power Slugs have replaced Green Power Slugs. They are functionally identical and only differ in name and color.

Produces: One  Power Shard


There are 212 Yellow Power Slugs in the world. They are often found in and around the Gas Pillar, on trees, near/on cliff faces, and other difficult-to-traverse places. Most of them are guarded by a strong creature, or surrounded by Poison Gas. (You can use a  Gas Mask to get through the poison gas easily.) You will often need to construct a tall ladder to reach them.

Produces: Two  Power Shards


There are 117 Purple Power Slugs in the world. They are usually found high up on cave walls, on top of mountains, inside ravines, on cliff faces and other hard to notice/reach places. You will usually need to construct a long ramp or walkway or have access to use the  Jetpack to reach them. Some Purple Power Slugs are heavily guarded by strong creatures or surrounded by several radioactive deposits.

Produces: Five  Power Shards


Power Slugs can be searched for using the  Object Scanner, with one setting searching for slugs of any color. They are luminescent and can be easily spotted at night. Picking up a Power Slug requires the player to hold down the interact button (default E) for three seconds while facing it. Using the photo mode P and zoom in Middle can act like a binocular which helps the search.

Some slugs are in difficult-to-reach locations, with the difficulty caused through such aspects of gameplay as traversing the geography, dealing with hostile faunae, or traversing environmental hazard (e.g. two Purple Power Slugs in the Red Jungle, require the player to enter a 'cave entrance' that leads to an underground void scattered with several Uranium deposits. Foundations can be built to retrieve them safely. Hazmat Suit is required.)

Slug Color Blue Yellow Purple Total
Slug Number 393 209 116 718
Power Shards 391 416 575 1382

There are currently 718 Power Slugs known in-game; 393 blue, 209 yellow, and 116 purple. 1 slug of each type is consumed as part of research in the MAM. In addition, 1 Power Shard is consumed to unlock the overclocking function. The upper limit of obtainable Power Shards is infinite, as Lizard Doggos can generate an infinite amount of slugs over time. The upper limit of non-renewable, usable Power Shards is 1382.


Power Slugs are unlocked via the Power Slugs Research chain in the MAM.png MAM using:
Blue Power Slug.png

Additional researches unlock recipes for each kind of slug, overclocking and scanning using the Object Scanner.



 Power Slug is used in the Power Slugs Research chain in the MAM.png MAM for additional unlocks.


Recipe Ingredients Produced in Products Unlocked by
Power Shard (1)
1 × Blue Power Slug.pngBlue Power Slug7.5 / min
1 × Power Shard.pngPower Shard7.5 / min
MAM Power Slugs Research - Blue Power Slugs
Power Shard (2)
1 × Yellow Power Slug.pngYellow Power Slug5 / min
2 × Power Shard.pngPower Shard10 / min
MAM Power Slugs Research - Yellow Power Shards
Power Shard (5)
1 × Purple Power Slug.pngPurple Power Slug2.5 / min
5 × Power Shard.pngPower Shard12.5 / min
MAM Power Slugs Research - Purple Power Shards


 Power Slug cannot be sunk into the AWESOME Sink.png AWESOME Sink and will clog the input.


  • It appears that these are amphibian slugs, as they can also be found in shallow lakes.
  • Power Slugs have two small, beady black eyes on their front, most easily observed when below them.
  • Power Slugs were originally gemstones, but were changed to slugs shortly before release.[1]

Current issue

The coordinates below are measured in centimeters. (A foundation size = 800 x 800)

  • There is a Blue Power Slug buried below ground that is impossible to collect without clipping, at Rocky Desert. (-169150, 86, 400)
  • Two impossible Yellow Power Slugs are buried within a Gas Pillar at Lake Forest and Desert Canyons, at (65494, -2077, 13600) and (-11592, -149477, 12200) respectively. Unlike the above cases, clipping will not work as the slugs are embedded inside a solid structure, making all sorts of interaction impossible.



  • Patch Added sound effect when collecting Power Slugs
  • Patch Changed Green Power Slugs to Blue Power Slugs, changing their appearance, inventory icon and name
  • Patch 0.3.6: Can no longer be trashed with the inventory trash slot.
  • Patch 0.3?: Made Power Slugs more distinguishable in colors. Made them easier to spot by adding misty clouds around them and a beam effect that shoots out from its back
  • Patch Ensured that Power Slugs don’t lose their color on distance
  • Patch Added LODs
  • Patch 0.1:
    • Added a special pick-up sound
    • Made the Yellow Power Slug more yellow