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The Zipline is an early-game hand piece of equipment that can be used for navigating along Power Lines. Despite statements in pre-release teasers, it is not necessary for the Power Line to be powered, meaning it can be effectively used for exploration or crossing gaps.


The Zipline tool is the first item in the game not to be "official FICSIT-sanctioned equipment",[1] having been jury-rigged by the Pioneer in their off time from existing parts & technology such as the "newly-discovered Caterium",[1] and the FICSIT-branded adhesive tape from the Nobelisk.[2]


 Zipline is unlocked via the Caterium Research chain in the MAM.png MAM using:


Recipe Ingredients Produced in Products Unlocked by
1 × Xeno-Zapper.pngXeno-Zapper
30 × Quickwire.pngQuickwire
3 × Iron Rod.pngIron Rod
10 × Cable.pngCable
1 × Zipline.pngZipline
MAM Caterium Research - Zipline



While equipped a Zipline in hand slot, approaching a Power Line and holding Left or pressing Right to toggle on/off uses the Zipline to travel along the Power Line. A forward motion will be given when attached to the Zipline in the direction the player is looking.

Ziplining can be stopped by letting go of Left or pressing Right. Ziplining will also end if the player bumps into anything.

It is possible to continue travelling between multiple Power Lines connected at a Wall Outlet or Power Tower. Power Tower Platforms are specifically designed for this purpose. The desired Power Line can be selected by looking in its direction, unless it exceeds the maximum turn angle.

Ziplining on a level Power Line is just as fast as running with Blade Runners, 13.5 m/s. Traveling down a diagonal Power Line will speed up travel and vice versa, zipping up will slow down (almost vertical Power Lines are ~5 m/s). It is not possible to zip along vertical Power Lines.

Sprinting while ziplining speeds up the movement. The sprint key (Ctrl has to be pressed each time the game is restarted, and will be remembered if the toggle sprint option is enabled.


No recipe uses BP_EqDescZipLine_C


 Zipline can be sunk into the AWESOME Sink.png AWESOME Sink to yield 5 284 points.


  • If a Power Line is edited using a save editor to make it longer than the in-game maximum of 100 meters, the Zipline is still usable along its entire length. Up to 500 meters have been tested.[citation needed]
  • Ziplines were prototyped by Stefan Hanna, CEO of Coffee Stain Studios.[3]


  • Patch
    • Increased Zipline sprint acceleration. It should be easier to tell that sprint mode is turned on now due to the more direct change in speed
    • Zipline path selection now works vertically too
    • Additional improvements to try and mitigate cases where you get disconnected from ziplining when ziplining on an incline
    • Fixed Jumping off a zipline canceling the Zipline input if it's still held, now holding it will continue the input as it should
  • Patch Reduced the height at which the player hangs from the Zipline, this should help some cases where the player gets detached from the cable when ziplining down an incline due to bumping the Pioneer’s head
  • Patch
    • The Zipline now automatically connects to the next Power Line while ziplining on Power Towers and ceiling connections
      • This will not work if the angle between the Power Lines exceeds 60 degrees
      • If the Zipline can move along more than one Power Line the direction can be controlled by looking at the desired direction or by holding the directional movement input
    • Reduced maximum Zipline Sprint Speed to 100 km/h (due to the previous maximum speed being too high for the world loading)
    • Increased the Zipline Sprint acceleration to be nearly instant
    • The Zipline can now be toggled on/off by pressing the secondary equipment input (RMB by default), which allows ziplining without needing to hold down the primary equipment input (LMB by default)
  • Patch Added sprint function
  • Patch Fixed Zipline sprinting not working for Clients
  • Patch Added sprinting functionality for the Zipline
  • Patch Fixed the Zipline issues introduced in the last patch
  • Patch
    • Reworked correction velocity for the Zipline which should fix players getting launched in the air when using it
    • Zipline now conserves velocity when you start ziplining
  • Patch
    • Fixed rare crash which could happen when using the Zipline
    • Fixed an extremely rare crash which could happen when trying to drop from a Zipline by crouching
    • Increased Zipline speed and decreased speed reduction when zipping downwards
  • Patch Introduced