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Biomass is a fuel item produced from various forms of biomass items such as  Leaves,  Wood,  Mycelia or  Alien Protein. It is used to fuel the Biomass Burner and vehicles, providing significantly more energy than  Leaves but less than  Solid Biofuel. It is also the building material for U-Jelly Landing Pads.

For conversion rates, see Biomass Burner § Conversion.



Biomass (Mycelia) is unlocked via the Mycelia Research chain in the MAM.png MAM using:
Biomass (Alien Protein) is unlocked via the Alien Organisms Research chain in the MAM.png MAM using:
Alien Protein.png


Recipe Ingredients Produced in Products Unlocked by
Biomass (Alien Protein)
1 × Alien Protein.pngAlien Protein15 / min
100 × Biomass.pngBiomass1,500 / min
MAM Alien Organisms Research - Bio-Organic Properties
Biomass (Leaves)
10 × Leaves.pngLeaves120 / min
5 × Biomass.pngBiomass60 / min
Tier 0 - HUB Upgrade 6
Biomass (Mycelia)
1 × Mycelia.pngMycelia15 / min
10 × Biomass.pngBiomass150 / min
MAM Mycelia Research - Mycelia
Biomass (Wood)
4 × Wood.pngWood60 / min
20 × Biomass.pngBiomass300 / min
Tier 0 - HUB Upgrade 6



 Biomass is used in the Mycelia Research chain in the MAM.png MAM for additional unlocks.


Recipe Ingredients Produced in Products Unlocked by
1 × Mycelia.pngMycelia15 / min
5 × Biomass.pngBiomass75 / min
4 sec
1 × Fabric.pngFabric15 / min
MAM Mycelia Research - Fabric
Gas Nobelisk
1 × Nobelisk.pngNobelisk5 / min
10 × Biomass.pngBiomass50 / min
12 sec
1 × Gas Nobelisk.pngGas Nobelisk5 / min
MAM Mycelia Research - Toxic Cellular Modification
Solid Biofuel
8 × Biomass.pngBiomass120 / min
4 × Solid Biofuel.pngSolid Biofuel60 / min
Tier 2 - Obstacle Clearing
5 × Biomass.pngBiomass37.5 / min
6 × Coal.pngCoal45 / min
Tier 3 - Coal Power OR
MAM Sulfur Research - Compacted Coal
U-Jelly Landing Pad
2 × Rotor.pngRotor
20 × Cable.pngCable
200 × Biomass.pngBiomass
1 × U-Jelly Landing Pad.pngU-Jelly Landing Pad
Tier 2 - Jump Pads


 Biomass can be sunk into the AWESOME Sink.png AWESOME Sink to yield 12 points.


  • Over-harvesting of foliage in the game has an impact on game performance, more noticeably for clients in multiplayer. This includes any trees chopped down, any flower or bushes picked up, including small rocks and stones that can be destroyed. The game stores the complete map including all trees and others as the "default" state. For every single entity removed from the environment, the game has to save the additional information for that removal.
    • For example, if 100 trees are chopped down, then the map state will be stated as "Default map with all trees + tree 1 chopped down + tree 2 chopped down + ... + tree 100 chopped down".
    • On the client side, ghost trees can often be seen, because the default map is loaded first, and the data with tree removal can take some time to load. This can lead to desyncs between each player.


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