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There are ten different fluids of different purposes in Satisfactory. They are transported with Pipelines and can be stored in Fluid Buffers. To the player, their amount is shown in cubic meters (m3) with up to 2 decimals, however, internally the game stores them in liters (1/1000 of a cubic meter).

Unlike items, fluids cannot be carried in the inventory, unless packaged.

Nine of the fluids are liquids, Nitrogen Gas being the only currently-processable gas.

Fluid Unlocked at Source Source building Packaged form Usage
 Water Tier 3 Water bodies Water Extractor.png Water Extractor or Resource Well Extractor  Packaged Water Coal Generator.png Coal and Nuclear Power Plant.png Nuclear power, some mid-to-late-game recipes and several alternate recipes
 Crude Oil Tier 5 Its Resource Node Oil Extractor.png Oil Extractor or Resource Well Extractor  Packaged Oil  Plastic,  Rubber and  Fuel +  Heavy Oil Residue and  Polymer Resin byproducts
 Heavy Oil Residue Tier 5  Plastic and  Rubber production Refinery.png Refinery  Packaged Heavy Oil Residue  Petroleum Coke
 Fuel Tier 5 Refined  Crude Oil  Packaged Fuel Fuel Generator.png Fuel Generator, Vehicle and Jetpack fuel
 Turbofuel Tier 5 (alternate recipe) Refined  Crude Oil and  Sulfur  Packaged Turbofuel Fuel Generator.png Fuel Generator and Vehicle fuel
 Liquid Biofuel Tier 5  Solid Biofuel +  Water  Packaged Liquid Biofuel Fuel Generator.png Fuel Generator, Biomass Burner, and Vehicle fuel
 Alumina Solution Tier 7  Bauxite +  Water  Packaged Alumina Solution  Aluminum Scrap used for  Aluminum Ingot production, and Batteries
 Sulfuric Acid Tier 7  Sulfur +  Water  Packaged Sulfuric Acid  Uranium/Plutonium refinement and Batteries
 Nitrogen Gas Tier 8 Its resource well Resource Well Extractor.png Resource Well Extractor  Packaged Nitrogen Gas Advanced Aluminum parts
 Nitric Acid Tier 8  Nitrogen Gas +  Water +  Iron Plate Blender.png Blender  Packaged Nitric Acid Advanced Aluminum parts and Plutonium refinement


  • Patch
    • Default recipe for Nitric Acid:
      • Changed Nitrogen Gas cost from 24 to 12
      • Changed Water cost from 6 to 3
      • Changed Nitric Acid product from 6 to 3
    • Patch
      • Alternate: Sloppy Alumina:
        • Changed recipe craft time from 6 to 3 seconds
        • Changed Bauxite cost from 15 to 10
        • Changed Water cost from 15 to 10
        • Changed Alumina Solution product from 18 to 12
  • Patch
    • Introduced Nitrogen Gas and Nitric Acid
    • Introduced specific UI for gases and a separate system for them, meaning they lack a dependency on head lift.
    • Nerfed Sulfuric Acid recipe, now produces half as much from the same ingredients
    • Now Sulfuric Acid can be packaged
    • Introduced Turbo Blend Fuel alternate recipe
    • Fuel energy value increased from 600 MJ to 750 MJ
    • Water now extractible from resource wells
    • Water is now more light bluish in various buildings' UI
      • Introduced Sloppy Alumina alternate recipe
      • Default recipe for Alumina Solution:
        • Changed Bauxite cost from 7 to 12
        • Changed Water cost form 10 to 18
        • Changed Alumina Solution product from 8 to 12
        • Changed Silica product from 2 to 5
  • Patch
    • Unpackaging Heavy Oil Residue now gives back the right amount of Canisters
  • Patch
    • New icon for Turbofuel
    • New icon for Fuel
  • Patch
    • Liquid Fuel color was changed to orange due to popular demand
  • Patch 0.3:
    • Introduced all liquids except Nitric Acid and Nitrogen Gas
    • Crude Oil can no longer be brought by Lizard Doggos
    • Crude Oil can no longer be obtained by cutting down specific plants with the Chainsaw
    • Crude Oil blobs occasionally found in foliage now result in No item in foliage
    • Loading a save created before Patch 0.3 would convert Turbofuel items to Packaged Turbofuel
    • Loading a save created before Patch 0.3 would convert Fuel items to Packaged Fuel
  • Unknown patch before Patch 0.1:
    • Crude Oil no longer possible to be mined by hand
  • Patch Closed Alpha 4:
    • Crude Oil mesh updated

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