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Solid Biofuel is a fuel item produced from Biomass. It is used to fuel the Biomass Burner, vehicles, Chainsaw, and the Jetpack. It is the most energy-efficient form of solid biomass power, only beaten by Liquid Biofuel, which is unlocked much later in the game.



Recipe Ingredients Produced in Products Unlocked by
Solid Biofuel
8 × Biomass.pngBiomass120 / min
4 × Solid Biofuel.pngSolid Biofuel60 / min
Tier 2 - Obstacle Clearing



Recipe Ingredients Produced in Products Unlocked by
Liquid Biofuel
6 × Solid Biofuel.pngSolid Biofuel90 / min
3 × Water.pngWater45 / min
4 sec
4 × Liquid Biofuel.pngLiquid Biofuel60 / min
Tier 5 - Alternative Fluid Transport


 Solid Biofuel can be sunk into the AWESOME Sink.png AWESOME Sink to yield 48 points.

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  • Solid Biofuel offers the best energy rates out of all early-game biomass fuels. Thus, all biomass items should be converted into it.
  • As with previous biomass fuels, the conversion to Solid Biofuel can be automated by feeding Constructors from Storage Containers.
  • It is not recommended to turn Solid Biofuel into Liquid Biofuel or Packaged Liquid Biofuel unless you are using it to fuel the Jetpack.


  • Patch Added support for using Solid Biofuel in the Jetpack
  • Patch 0.3: Introduced, replacing the original Biofuel progression-wise