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It's a Golden Nut. It's shiny and its price is totally justified. Don't overthink it, you need one! Purchase a Golden Nut today! (Warning: Ingestion is not recommended).
~ AWESOME Shop on Golden Nut

Statues are decorative items that can be placed on the floor. They can be purchased in the AWESOME Shop with Coupons. Since statues tend to be expensive, it is advised to unlock all other blueprints such as buildings and special vehicles first.

See AWESOME Shop § FICSIT_Specials for their coupon cost.


To place a statue:

  1. Purchase it.
  2. Equip it to the hand slot like equipment.
  3. Left click to place it down.
  • To pick it up, simply move towards it and interact (default E).

If dropped onto the floor as an item, it will appear much smaller.