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Uranium Waste is a radioactive byproduct of  Nuclear Power Plants created by burning Uranium Fuel Rods. It is one of the few items that cannot be discarded with the trash button in containers or the inventory, giving a message that "Nuclear waste cannot be destroyed. FICSIT does not waste." Through a couple of steps Uranium Waste can be reprocessed into Plutonium Fuel Rods and then it can be used as power or Sinked.

A single Nuclear Power Plant will produce 50 barrels of Waste every 300 seconds (10/min).

The current maximum production rate of Uranium Waste is 2520/min.


Resource acquisition

Lizard Doggos can bring single barrels of Uranium Waste at any game stage, which can be especially dangerous before the required equipment or infrastructure to handle it is available. It is unclear where they find it, but that may be future lore.


Recipe Ingredients Produced in Products Unlocked by
Uranium Fuel Rod (burning)
1 × Uranium Fuel Rod.pngUranium Fuel Rod0.2 / min
1,200 × Water.pngWater240 / min
50 × Uranium Waste.pngUranium Waste10 / min
Tier 8 - Nuclear Power



Recipe Ingredients Produced in Products Unlocked by
Non-fissile Uranium
15 × Uranium Waste.pngUranium Waste37.5 / min
10 × Silica.pngSilica25 / min
6 × Nitric Acid.pngNitric Acid15 / min
6 × Sulfuric Acid.pngSulfuric Acid15 / min
24 sec
20 × Non-fissile Uranium.pngNon-fissile Uranium50 / min
6 × Water.pngWater15 / min
Tier 8 - Particle Enrichment
Plutonium Pellet
100 × Non-fissile Uranium.pngNon-fissile Uranium100 / min
25 × Uranium Waste.pngUranium Waste25 / min
Particle Accelerator
60 sec
250 - 750 MW
30 × Plutonium Pellet.pngPlutonium Pellet30 / min
Tier 8 - Particle Enrichment
Fertile Uranium
5 × Uranium.pngUranium25 / min
5 × Uranium Waste.pngUranium Waste25 / min
3 × Nitric Acid.pngNitric Acid15 / min
5 × Sulfuric Acid.pngSulfuric Acid25 / min
12 sec
20 × Non-fissile Uranium.pngNon-fissile Uranium100 / min
8 × Water.pngWater40 / min
Tier 8 - Particle Enrichment


 Uranium Waste cannot be sunk into the AWESOME Sink.png AWESOME Sink and will clog the input.

Dealing with Uranium Waste

Uranium Waste cannot be fed into an AWESOME Sink, (legitimately) deleted or destroyed; it must be stored indefinitely or reprocessed into Plutonium Fuel Rods.

It is advised to reprocess it rather than store it. Reprocessing into Plutonium Fuel Rods and burning them creates Plutonium Waste at a slower rate than the Uranium Waste it was made from. Alternatively the Plutonium Fuel Rods may even be sunk eliminating any type of waste entirely.

If the Uranium Waste is stored instead, it is advised to build the waste containment in a remote location, as the radiation spread can reach even 400 meters in radius. The barrels stack to 500, which allows for 12,000 (20 hours per Nuclear Power Plant) to be contained in a Storage Container or 24,000 (40 hours per Nuclear Power Plant) in an Industrial Storage Container.

Removing Uranium Waste

Three known ways to delete Uranium Waste without save editing are as follows:

Hyper Tubes

  1. Enter a Hyper Tube
  2. Drag the Waste out of the inventory, like if dropping it to the ground
    • Ctrl drag moves all items of the same type
  • note the items aren't destroyed by doing this, the item is "placed" out of bounds at 0, 0, 0 in mid-air. This may cause lag when going to the center of the map

Lizard Doggos

  1. Find and tame a Lizard Doggo
  2. Feed it a full stack of Uranium Waste
  3. Kill it, effectively deleting its inventory contents

Cochrane cannon

  1. Build a Hyper Tube cannon powerful enough to make an extremely rapid exit out of the map boundary; the cannon should be aimed at 45° to gain maximum travel. 23 Hyper Tube Entrances with a mk5 conveyor feed have proven adequately powerful.
  2. Empty your inventory and remove any equipped items.
  3. Equip a Hazmat Suit and carry a small number of filters.
  4. Fill your remaining inventory space with Uranium Waste.
  5. Enter the cannon; this will result in the pioneer being killed very quickly by boundary damage.
  6. Respawn at the HUB and repeat steps 2-5 as many times as required.

Using a save editor reveals that, if done correctly, no death crate containing the waste will be spawned either at the boundary, the cannon position, or anywhere else on the map.

Please note that all ways of deleting Uranium Waste are likely not intended and may be patched out eventually.

Relocating Uranium Waste


Loading Vehicles with Uranium Waste and dropping them into the void might seem as a logical solution, however, doing so is greatly counterproductive. Dropping a vehicle into the void will cause it to fall forever, which degrades game performance, it should therefore be avoided at all costs.

Under the map

An alternative location to store Uranium Waste is underneath the map, where a large distance from the radiation sphere can be achieved without losing valuable legitimate map area. However, this is somewhat dangerous given game updates can change the terrain and make it impossible to go under traditionally - however clipping vehicles, like trains and drones, will have no issues continuing to follow their trajectory in the wake of map updates.




  • Patch
  • Patch Renamed from Nuclear Waste to Uranium Waste. Uranium Waste radiation also reduced to 25% (20->5), at the cost of 4x waste produced per fuel rod. Can now be sorted by Smart Splitters and Programmable Splitters once Particle Enrichment is unlocked.
  • Patch Fixed typos in the trash message
  • Patch Nuclear Power Plants now produce waste over time instead of all at once after a Fuel Rod is consumed
  • Unknown intermediate patch: It can now be brought by Lizard Doggos
  • Patch 0.1.16: Added some feedback when trying to delete with the trash slot
  • Patch 0.1.14: Made officially available