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The Nobelisk Detonator is a piece of handheld equipment used to detonate Nobelisks. They create explosions, which can be used to remove cracked boulders, Spore Flowers, Gas Pillars[EX], Flora and Fauna.



 Nobelisk Detonator and  Nobelisk are unlocked via the Sulfur Research chain in the MAM.png MAM using:
Black Powder.png
Steel Pipe.png
 Gas Nobelisk is unlocked via the Mycelia Research chain in the MAM.png MAM using:
 Pulse Nobelisk is unlocked via the Quartz Research chain in the MAM.png MAM using:
Crystal Oscillator.png
 Cluster Nobelisk is unlocked via the Sulfur Research chain in the MAM.png MAM using:
Smokeless Powder.png
 Nuke Nobelisk is unlocked via the Sulfur Research chain in the MAM.png MAM using:
Encased Uranium Cell.png
AI Limiter.png


Recipe Ingredients Produced in Products Unlocked by
Cluster Nobelisk
3 × Nobelisk.pngNobelisk7.5 / min
4 × Smokeless Powder.pngSmokeless Powder10 / min
24 sec
1 × Cluster Nobelisk.pngCluster Nobelisk2.5 / min
MAM Sulfur Research - Cluster Nobelisk
Gas Nobelisk
1 × Nobelisk.pngNobelisk5 / min
10 × Biomass.pngBiomass50 / min
12 sec
1 × Gas Nobelisk.pngGas Nobelisk5 / min
MAM Mycelia Research - Toxic Cellular Modification
2 × Black Powder.pngBlack Powder20 / min
2 × Steel Pipe.pngSteel Pipe20 / min
6 sec
1 × Nobelisk.pngNobelisk10 / min
MAM Sulfur Research - The Nobelisk Detonator
Nobelisk Detonator
1 × Object Scanner.pngObject Scanner
10 × Steel Beam.pngSteel Beam
50 × Cable.pngCable
1 × Nobelisk Detonator.pngNobelisk Detonator
MAM Sulfur Research - The Nobelisk Detonator
Nuke Nobelisk
5 × Nobelisk.pngNobelisk2.5 / min
20 × Encased Uranium Cell.pngEncased Uranium Cell10 / min
10 × Smokeless Powder.pngSmokeless Powder5 / min
6 × AI Limiter.pngAI Limiter3 / min
120 sec
1 × Nuke Nobelisk.pngNuke Nobelisk0.5 / min
MAM Sulfur Research - Nuclear Deterrent Development
Pulse Nobelisk
5 × Nobelisk.pngNobelisk5 / min
1 × Crystal Oscillator.pngCrystal Oscillator1 / min
60 sec
5 × Pulse Nobelisk.pngPulse Nobelisk5 / min
MAM Quartz Research - Explosive Resonance Application



As with other equipment, Nobelisk Detonators have to be equipped to be used. Nobelisks serve as 'ammo' for the Detonator and have to be reloaded with R for arming. Holding R allows to select the ammo type.

Nobelisks can be thrown with Left, holding down allows throwing farther. Running forward while throwing will increase the throw range. Multiple Nobelisks can be deployed before exploding them, by reloading instead of detonating. Nobelisks will stick to any surface it touches when thrown, including creatures and other Nobelisks. A thrown Nobelisk cannot be retrieved in any way.

After at least one Nobelisks has been thrown, Right is used to detonate. They will be detonated to create chains of explosions. Alternatively, striking the Nobelisk with any weapon (or having it hit by a Spitter spit) will detonate it, but no other Nobelisks.

Nobelisk behavior

When detonated, each Nobelisk blows up in a 7.5 meters radius, dealing up to 50 damage at the center. Damage quickly falls off farther from the center of the explosion, making it almost impossible to deal full 50 points of damage due to the collision box between it and the target. Therefore, at least 3 Nobelisk explosions are required to kill a fully-healed pioneer.

Sticking a Nobelisk on a valid target will cause minor damage of 1 (1/100 of pioneer HP). If the creature or object the Nobelisk is stuck to dies or is destroyed, the Nobelisk will disappear. Sticking a Nobelisk to a building then dismantling the building will cause the Nobelisk to stay in mid-air. Sticking it to a moving vehicle, including the HUB's FICSIT Freighter, will follow the vehicle.

Cracked boulders, Spore Flowers and Gas Pillars[EX] can only be destroyed using Nobelisks. Nobelisks do not damage player structures, vehicles, or alter the terrain (other than foliage and select small rocks).

Cluster Nobelisk explodes at the center, then creates 5 secondary explosions in a star shape. Nuke Nobelisk can one-shot Pioneers in the explosion radius. It also deals lingering radiation damage, which can be outpaced by Pioneer's emergency health regen, however.

Explosion cover

The damage of a Nobelisk can be blocked by any physical cover such as Walls, Conveyor Lift and Tree. The knock-back effect, however, can still pass through.


 Nobelisk Detonator can be sunk into the AWESOME Sink.png AWESOME Sink to yield 6 480 points.
 Nobelisk can be sunk into the AWESOME Sink.png AWESOME Sink to yield 152 points.
 Gas Nobelisk can be sunk into the AWESOME Sink.png AWESOME Sink to yield 544 points.
 Pulse Nobelisk can be sunk into the AWESOME Sink.png AWESOME Sink to yield 1 533 points.
 Cluster Nobelisk can be sunk into the AWESOME Sink.png AWESOME Sink to yield 1 376 points.
 Nuke Nobelisk can be sunk into the AWESOME Sink.png AWESOME Sink to yield 19 600 points.


  • Standing on high ground and aiming at 30 to 45 degrees upward can result in a very long throw.
  • Be careful around Spitters and Alpha Spitters as their spits will detonate thrown Nobelisks, as mentioned above.
  • When descending midair, it can be very hard to aim the throw as the pioneer's velocity is added to the Nobelisk.
  • When multiple Nobelisks are placed they will explode in a rapid series instead of all at once which allows you to create a very rudimentary form of propulsion by attaching a large number of Nobelisks to the back of a vehicle. It is possible to attach them directly to a person but that will kill you mid-flight so its best to attach them to a vehicle. When using this method of transportation make sure that all your Nobelisks are connected to the vehicle itself and not other Nobelisks or else it will cut the "engine" and stop working.
  • Another "and arguably more amusing" form is to place a large number of Nobelisks at your feet and hit them with a Xeno-zapper this will detonate all the Nobelisks at once and cause you to rocket into the sky.
    • This can be used with Pulse Nobelisks for long distance travel, especially in conjunction with Jetpacks and Parachutes. Approximately 7-9 will get the player to any point on the map with some practice.


  • Nobelisks thrown to the face of a charging Hog or Alpha Hog will stagger them and stop the charge, just like the Xeno-Zapper or Xeno-Basher do. This will also scare off the Land Whale.
  • It seems that aliens receive more damage from an explosion the closer it is to the center of their body. The Land Whale takes ~20 damage if a regular Nobelisk is attached to its leg, ~27 to its head or tail, and ~34 damage to its chest.
    • Despite this, pioneers will take more damage from an explosion the closer the feet are to the Nobelisk. Standing right on top of one at the time of the explosion deals 47 damage.
  • A single, well placed Nobelisk can one-shot a Hog or a Spitter.
  • The name 'Nobelisk' may refer to Alfred Nobel, the inventor of Dynamite.
  • When detonating a Nobelisk, it makes red spheres that disappear very quickly and a cloud of dust from the explosion.


  • Patch Fixed Nobelisk smoke not displaying properly
  • Patch Fixed Nobelisk Gas clouds not disappearing on Dedicated Server
  • Patch Increased the individual Cluster Nobelisk Explosion damage to 40 (was 30 before)
  • Patch
    • Introduced new Gas and Pulse Nobelisk equip sounds
    • Added Nobelisk equip effects for gas and shockwave
  • Patch
    • Potential fix for Nobelisk sounds playing across the world for other players
    • Fixed Nobelisk detonator appearing equipped at the feet of the player when loading a saved game with it equipped
  • Patch
    • New Nobelisks
      • Gas Nobelisk: Releases a cloud of toxic gas that deals damage over time
      • Cluster Nobelisk: Detonates into multiple explosions over a larger area
      • Pulse Nobelisk: Generates a powerful shockwave. Double jump!
      • Nuke Nobelisk: Creates a massive explosion
    • Undocumented Change - Nobelisk Detonator:
      • Changed Object Scanner cost from 5 to 1
      • Changed 5 Encased Industrial Beams cost to 10 Steel Beams
    • Undocumented Change - Nobelisk:
      • Changed recipe craft time from 20 to 6 seconds
      • Changed Black Powder cost from 5 to 2
      • Changed Steel Pipe cost from 10 to 2
    • Undocumented Change - Removed Seismic Nobelisk alt recipe
  • Patch
    • Fixed a crash when bringing up the Nobelisk Ammo Selection wheel without having any type of ammo on inventory
    • Fixed G not being properly bindable for “Interact” due to a conflict with the “Cycle Nobelisk Ammunition” binding
  • Patch
    • Introduced ammo switching
    • FICSMAS Snowballs are now considered alternative Nobelisk Ammo
  • Patch Made most bushes destructible by Nobelisks
  • Patch Fixed Nobelisks being invisible when first equipping for Clients
  • Patch Hopefully fixed remaining Nobelisk issues for clients (Firing, Explosions, UI Feedback, Responsiveness)
  • Patch Fixed Nobelisk/Snowballs on Dedicated servers
  • Patch Fixed Nobelisk sound delay bug on destructible boulders
  • Patch Implemented our own progress bar for the Nobelisk Detonator instead of the standard UE4 one
  • Patch 0.1.15: Potentially fixed a Nobelisk Detonator crash
  • Patch 0.1.12: Fixed Nobelisk sound bugs
  • Patch 0.1.8: Implemented some changes to Nobelisk sounds
  • Patch 0.1.6 build 98394: Improved Nobelisk Detonator sounds
  • Patch 0.1.5: Introduced Nobelisk Detonator and Nobelisk