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The Plasma Spitter, or Spitter, is a class of ranged hostile creature that deals damage with its fireball attack. It can be seen in groups, guarding the mid-tier resource patches such as Coal.


There are 4 species of Spitters depending on their native biome:



Variant Hitpoints Scale [Notes 1] Loot Behavior
Aquatic 20 0.4 2x  Plasma Spitter Remains Hostile
Desert 20 0.4  Plasma Spitter Remains
Forest 30 0.4  Plasma Spitter Remains
Red Forest 30 0.4  Plasma Spitter Remains


Variant Melee fireball damage Ranged fireball damage Fireball color
Aqua 1-13 1-8 Yellow
Desert 1-11 1-6 Blue
Forest 1-12 1-6 Red
Red Forest 1-13 1-8 Red


When not aware of a Pioneer in its vicinity, the spitter will usually patrol around its spawn point. They can most commonly be found around Power Slugs, Mercer Spheres, Somersloops and Crash Sites. They regularly make a hissing noise to make the Pioneer aware of its presence. Some groups of spitters will also have one or more Alpha Spitters with them.

When the spitter notices the Pioneer it will attack the closest pioneer. Just before attacking the spitter's mouth lights up for a short period. Spitters will sometimes flee if the pioneer attacks from nearby. If the Pioneer is stationary, the spitter will fire directly at the Pioneer, if the Pioneer is moving it will predict where the pioneer will be when the fireball hits and shoot there. After going undisturbed for a while, the spitter will move back to the area around its original spawn point. When the pioneer is driving a vehicle, the spitter will ignore the pioneer.

The spitter has the following attacks:

  • Knockback fireball: When Pioneer is within melee range of the Spitter, it shoots defensive fireball with large knockback. The closer the distance, the higher the damage.
  • Ranged fireball: When Pioneer is outside the melee range, it shoots mid-range fireball with small knockback. The longer the distance, the higher the damage.
  • After a spitter fires a shot, there is a long cooldown between shots of same type, and a much shorter cooldown between shots of different types.


  • It is possible to have a spitter get hit by a fireball launched by another spitter. Fireballs can also accidentally injure or kill other spitters by friendly fire.
    • Particularly useful when Alpha spitters and normal spitters are in a group; when they shoot at you, they can hurt each other.
  • If the fireball collides with a placed Nobelisk, the Nobelisk will explode.
  • Its fireball is slightly explosive. If you trap a spitter in between four walls and look at it from outside, it will continually shoot the fireball at the wall, causing explosions, and will eventually kill itself.
  • If a vehicle (such as a tractor) runs into a spitter, it will "ragdoll" and go completely limp. However, if a pioneer exits the vehicle while the spitter is in this state, it can still shoot fireballs at pioneers nearby even though it will be unable to move.
  • It is currently unknown whether Spitters are firing ionised gas, combustible bodily plasma, or some other combustible fluid.[1]

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  • Patch Reduced the health of Small Desert and Aquatic Spitters from 30 to 20
  • Patch Minor tweaks to the single shot of the Spitter
  • Patch New Spitter Sounds
  • Patch Adjustments to the Spitter VFX, Animations, AI and Attacks
  • Patch This time we definitely fixed the crashes happening when fighting Spitters. Hopefully 100%. Totally fixed.
  • Patch Fixed crash occurring when fighting Spitters in close combat
  • Patch
    • The AI system, navigation, and spawning have been overhauled
      • Creatures now have separate visual and audio perception (and they won’t hear you crouch)
      • Creatures can now panic and run when certain conditions are met
    • Added unique loot for all aggressive wildlife
    • Added optional HUD indicators for aggressive wildlife (can be turned on in the options menu)
    • New Spitter looks
      • Desert Spitters:
        • They are brownish-yellow with spikes on their body and have a slightly dry appearance. Their mouth glows blue. Can be found on dry areas.
      • Aquatic Spitters:
        • They are blueish-green/turquoise spitters have blue bulbs hanging off tendrils. Their mouth glows yellow. Can be found near watery areas.
      • Green and Red Forest Spitters:
        • The red forest spitters look maroon with purple splotches and the tendrils hanging off at the front are longer and slimmer. They have six large horns at the back of their head. Red forest spitter are ususally found on dangerous biomes such as Red Jungle or Bamboo Forest.
        • The green forest (or simply, forest) variant can be found on greenish biomes and is just a recolored species of red forest.
      • Please note that these Spitter descriptions are not official details taken from Coffee Stain Studios, this is input from players. The attack strength (need vrify), health, speed, attack types and size do not vary from the spitter variant since it's still the same old spitter. Only the spitter and fireball looks have been changed.
  • Patch 2018-10-17: Introduced



  1. The scale is relative to the Alpha Spitter