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The Alpha Hog is the larger version of Fluffy-tailed Hog that is also considerably more dangerous, dealing up to 3x the damage. Other than its larger body size, it can be distinguished by the bright edges on the back of its carapace, and its tusks (which regular hogs lack). It also emits a shockwave-like particle effect when it prepares to attack.

The Alpha Hog usually patrols around Crash Sites, Power Slugs or artifacts.


Aggressive melee creature. It is hostile towards pioneers and will charge at them. It will, however, ignore tractors (even with a player in them). If the Hog gets attacked while the player is standing on a platform out of reach of the Hog, it will flee. It has two attack patterns: A charge attack which deals 20 damage each hit, and a bite attack that deals 30 damage. Be warned, its charge attack is more difficult to dodge than that of a normal Hog. It is advised to build a temporary Ladder and shoot it with a  Rifle. If it tries to escape, you can trap it with foundations and walls.


The strategy applicable for normal hogs is not applicable for the Alpha Hog. The easiest way to kill an Alpha Hog with a melee weapon is:

  • Before approaching it, build a  Stackable Conveyor Pole/ Ladder near it.
  • Rush to the ladder and climb up. It will come and chase you as you enter its vicinity.
  • As it stops nearby, build several  Conveyor Splitters to trap it. Ensure there is no gap left; you can safely overlap the splitters when you make the trap.
    • This makes use of the fact that splitters don't encroach on each other.
  • Jump onto one of the Splitters using either the ladder or Crouch-jump, then use the  Xeno-Zapper or  Xeno-Basher to kill it.

All ranged weapons are also effective, even the  Rebar Gun, which becomes available early on. Simply stand on a Foundation or terrain which the hog cannot reach.

Jetpack Hog

There is a 1/1000 chance of any Alpha Hog spawner to spawn a special Hog variant equipped with a  Jetpack. Some spawners are group spawners, if such one is chosen, all Alpha Hogs are replaced with Jetpack Hogs.

The Jetpack Hog, named Johnny by developers,[1] appears like a regular Fluffy-tailed Hog, not an Alpha Hog (despite replacing one), and drops its Jetpack on death. It can spawn at any stage in the game, which allows a Jetpack to be obtained much sooner than from its usual Tier 6 unlock, using  Solid Biofuel to fuel it.


Its idle animation is the same, but its attacks are completely unique: instead of a normal ground-based bull-rush, it will briefly pause to wind up its Jetpack and then launch into a spinning leap towards its target. It has a similar initiation range and target leading to the leap of a Large Stinger.

The Hog explodes on impact with any solid object or after a set period of time in the air, killing it and dealing enough damage to instantly kill the Pioneer even at full health with a direct hit, with significant splash damage. The sound cue for a Jetpack Hog launching is similar to the detonation of a Nobelisk, but ends with a whooshing sound.

The hog will not explode if killed before it can activate its Jetpack, and hit-stun will prevent it from starting its attack.


  • Johnny 'The Jetpack' Hog was coded by Lym after a meeting about creatures derailed into joking about Hogs being countered by Jetpacks.[2]

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  • Patch New Alpha Hog Sounds and general Alpha Hog improvements
  • Patch Adjustments to Fluffy-tailed Hogs and Alpha Hogs Physics, AI and Attacks
  • Patch Fluffy-tailed Hog and Alpha Hogs behaviors have been updated
  • Patch
    • The AI system, navigation, and spawning have been overhauled
      • Creatures now have separate visual and audio perception (and they won’t hear you crouch)
      • Creatures can now panic and run when certain conditions are met
    • Added unique loot for all aggressive wildlife
    • Added optional HUD indicators for aggressive wildlife (can be turned on in the options menu)
    • Alpha Hogs no longer circle around the player
    • Alpha Hogs now have a rear up animation before their standard charge
  • Unknown Patch: Changed appearance and sounds (possibly
  • Patch 0.1.5: Made the Alpha Hog more aggressive
  • Patch 0.1:
    • Small tweaks to roar reach
    • Can no longer be staggered while charging