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The Power Tower and Power Tower Platform are power grid structures suited for running Power Lines over longer distances.


Power Towers have 2 power connectors [1] for a total of 7 Power Cable attachments per Power Tower, which is the same as a Mk.2 Power Pole. The Top TWO Attachment Points are just a visual aesthetic and the entire Top is only ONE connection which has 3 Power Cable Attachments that are only used to connect one Power Tower to another Power Tower. [2] Clicking on a Top Attachment Point drags out another Power Tower. The Bottom SINGLE Attachment Point has 4 Power Cable Attachments and is used to connect the Power Tower to Power Poles or Buildings. Clicking on the Bottom Attachment Point drags out a standard Mk.1 Power Pole. Like foundations, Power Towers can use gradual rotation.

Cable lengths

Using the Power Tower Top Attachment Point [3] you can pull Power Lines 3 times longer than when using regular Power Poles, that is up to 300 meters (37.5 Foundation lengths) away. This also extends the Build Gun range, but only when placing a Power Line started at another Power Tower. Using the Power Tower Bottom Attachment Point can connect to other Power Poles or Buildings, with the standard 100 meter range. Building a Power Tower off a wire from a Power Pole increases the build range to 300 meters for the Power Tower being built. NOTE: While the connection between two Power Towers visually consists of two cable lines, BOTH lines are connected to the same grid [4], are shown double for aesthetic purposes, and the Cable cost is not doubled.


Power Towers can be upgraded in-place to the Power Tower Platform and vice versa, similar to Conveyor Belts and Power Poles, meaning that they do not have to be dismantled to switch between variants.


As mentioned, the extended range is useful for easily constructing long Power Lines. While Railways also transmit power, they are unlocked two tiers later, and your destination might not be worth connecting by rail (such as a remote Miner).

Both types of Power Towers are functionally identical, the Platform variant however has an additional ladder and platform near the upper connectors, which makes them ideal for ziplining.

If desired both Walkways or Catwalks can be snapped to Platform Power Towers if desired, which is similar to what can be down with Lookout Towers. [5]

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  • Patch Potential fix for Power Tower mixing up which connections to connect previous wires when upgrading them
  • Patch
    • Changed power poles and power towers to use gradual rotation (45 degrees on foundations)
    • Holding Ctrl when building a wire off another wire now aligns the new Pole to the original one
    • Building a Power Tower off a wire from a Power Pole now correctly increases the build range for the Power Tower
    • Refactored wire splitting so it works with Power Towers
    • Fixed bug where build effects for wires never got cleaned up
    • Fixed so wire build effect works again
  • Patch Introduced