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Ooh, lights! Now your game can be brighter than my future!
~ Jace Varlet[1]

Lights are organizational structures that illuminate an area. Each Light allows 2 power connections, making it possible to daisy-chain them.

The color and intensity of Lights can be adjusted, either separately (excluding the Wall Mounted Flood Light) or using a Lights Control Panel.


Type Unlocked at Cost
Coupons MW Resources
Lights Control Panel.png Lights Control Panel AWESOME Shop - Lights Control Panel 2 0 10×  Cable
 Reinforced Iron Plate
 AI Limiter
Wall Mounted Flood Light.png Wall Mounted Flood Light AWESOME Shop - Flood Lights 5 6 25×  Quickwire
 Copper Sheet
 Encased Industrial Beam
Street Light.png Street Light AWESOME Shop - Street Light 1 1 10×  Quickwire
 Iron Rod
Flood Light Tower.png Flood Light Tower AWESOME Shop - Flood Lights 5 6 25×  Quickwire
 Copper Sheet
 Encased Industrial Beam
Ceiling Light.png Ceiling Light AWESOME Shop - Indoor Lighting 3 2 50×  Quickwire
16×  Wire
 Steel Beam


When placing down Lights, a holographic arrow will be shown at the base of the light to indicate the light direction. The angle of Flood Lights can be tilted: while building, the first click places the light down and the 2nd click confirms the build. Before the 2nd click, the angle can be adjusted with Middle. The adjustable angles are between 30 degrees to 90 degrees (directly down) in intervals of 5 degrees.

The Lights Control Panel and Wall Mounted Flood Light have no collision. The Flood Light Tower has a much smaller collision than it seems: only 4 x 4 m, and its light panel has no collision at all. The Street Light has collision only at its vertical pole. Street Lights can also be placed between Fences.


Interacting E with a Lights Control Panel, Street Light or Flood Light Tower will bring up a menu where light settings can be changed. Connecting multiple lights through a Light Control Panel changes the settings of all connected lights, should the connection not be interrupted by any other Light Control Panel or Power Switch. Ceiling Lights and Wall Mounted Flood Lights can only be controlled via a Light Control Panel.

The Light Control Panel must be connected to two power lines : the power input, and the power output able to control lights. The output plug is slightly higher and indicated with a light bulb symbol.

Light settings:

  • 7 color slots, each can be customized similar to a Color Gun
  • Light intensity, or brightness
  • Night mode, making the light(s) only turn on during the night
  • The on/off switch

As with factory buildings, the configuration of individual lights can be copied and pasted, using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. Light(s) routed through a Lights Control Panel can be easily turned off by flicking its standby switch.

Lights that have night mode enabled will not use power throughout the day.


Current issues

  • Lights don’t behave correctly in Lumen compared with Signs[EX]


  • Patch
    • Fixed Lumen for buildable lights. Fixed apply customization data to also apply extra data.
      • You will need to reload your save if Lumen was not enabled in order for this to work
  • Patch Fixed issues related to Lights
  • Patch Updated clearance for Hypertubes and Lights Control Panel
  • Patch
    • Adjusted Street Light clearance size
    • Adjusted snapping size for Power Poles and Street Light
  • Patch
    • Street Lights and Lights Control Panels can now be rotated 45 degrees when placing instead of only 90 degrees
    • The night mode of lights is now immediately updated on the same night
    • Changed Min/Max values for the Light intensity
    • Fixed Lights consuming power when they were off
  • Patch Introduced