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Pipeline Supports are logistic structures used to support Pipelines.

All kinds of Supports allow a Pipeline to be attached to it from both sides. Pipelines keep on working even if the Supports supporting them are dismantled.


Type Unlocked at Cost Properties
Pipeline Support.png Pipeline Support Tier 3 - Coal Power 2×  Iron Plate
2×  Concrete
Default Support used while constructing Pipelines.
Adjustable height from 1 to 7 meters in 2-meter increments. Can be also tilted.
Stackable Pipeline Support.png Stackable Pipeline Support Tier 4 - Logistics Mk.3 4×  Iron Plate
2×  Iron Rod
2×  Concrete
Stackable Support that has a ladder on both sides. Can be stacked indefinitely.
Ground Pole is 4 m tall, all stacked ones 2 m.
Compatible with other types of stackable logistic supports.
Pipeline Wall Support.png Pipeline Wall Support AWESOME Shop - Pipeline Wall Attachments 2×  Iron Rod
1×  Iron Plate
2×  Concrete
Attaches to the sides of Walls and Foundations only.
Pipeline Wall Hole.png Pipeline Wall Hole AWESOME Shop - Pipeline Wall Attachments 2×  Iron Rod
1×  Iron Plate
2×  Concrete
Attaches to Walls only. Allows Pipelines to pass through the Wall.
Pipeline Floor Hole.png Pipeline Floor Hole AWESOME Shop - Pipeline Floor Hole 2×  Iron Rod
2×  Iron Plate
2×  Concrete
Attaches to Foundations only. Allows Pipelines to pass through the Foundation.


Standard Pipeline Supports are built by clicking (Left) once to set the location, then scrolling to rotate (or Ctrl angle) and looking up or down to change the height (if desired), confirming the placement by clicking again. If the "Execute Build Step on Release" option is enabled, Left has to be held down to adjust the rotation and height while placing.

Stackable Pipeline Supports are built simply by placing them on the ground, on each other or other kinds of stackable supports. It's not possible to make them the default type of Supports used when building Conveyor Belts. Stackable Pipeline Supports can be built one at a time or 10 at once using the Zoop construction mode.

Pipeline Wall Supports can only be built on Walls and on the sides and ceilings of Foundations, as mentioned above. Pipeline Wall Holes can be built on Walls and serve the same purpose as Conveyor Walls, but can be placed anywhere on the Wall, making them much more modular.

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  • Patch Fixed snapping issues with Pipeline Wall Holes
  • Patch Conveyor and Pipeline Supports now contextually switch between floor, wall and ceiling attachments based on where the player aims while building
  • Patch Fixed headlift issues when using Pipeline Floor Hole
  • Patch Stackable Pipe and Hyper Tube supports now also properly increase cost in UI when zooping
  • Patch
    • Conveyor Lifts and both Conveyor / Pipeline Floor Holes should now properly have soft clearance
    • Potential fix for a Floor Hole related crash
  • Patch Shrunk the clearance size of Conveyor / Pipeline Floor Holes a bit
  • Patch
    • Fixed Pipeline and Hyper Tube Wall attachments being offset
    • Conveyor / Pipeline Stackable poles changed to have soft clearance
    • Floor holes partially changed to have soft clearance
  • Patch Introduced Pipeline Floor Hole
  • Patch 0.3.6: Wall attachments can now be placed under and on the side of Foundations
  • Patch Stackable Poles can no longer be placed inside of each other
  • Patch Different stackable poles can now be stacked with each other
  • Patch 0.3:
    • Normal and stackable supports introduced
    • Pipeline Supports height and rotation can now be tweaked when building them from a Pipeline