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Walkways are the best. They’re attached to the ground and everything.
~ Caterina Parks's assistant Steve

Walkways and Catwalks are navigational structures used to make safe and easy paths for the pioneer to get around their factory.


Type Unlocked by Build cost Straight Turn Crossing T-Crossing Ramp Stairs
Walkway AWESOME Shop - Industrial Walkways  Iron Rod
 Iron Plate
Walkway Straight.png Walkway Turn.png Walkway Crossing.png Walkway T-Crossing.png Walkway Ramp.png N/A
Catwalk AWESOME Shop - Modern Catwalks  Iron Rod
 Iron Plate
Catwalk Straight.png Catwalk Corner.png Catwalk Crossing.png Catwalk T-Crossing.png Catwalk Ramp.png Catwalk Stairs.png


Walkways and Catwalks can be built one at a time or 10 at once using the Zoop construction mode.

Walkways and Catwalks are functionally identical (collectivelly referred to Walkways hereafter). Both can only be placed on the edge of a foundation or wall, or attach one to another. They cannot be placed freely. Each foundation edge has 3 snapping points for them.

Foundations can also snap to Walkways, which allows to offset them in 2m increments.

Power Poles and Conveyor Poles cannot be built on Walkways unless a foundation is built in the same tile. However, if a Power Line or Belt is started from an existing structure, they can be placed on Walkways, including on the railings.

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