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Reason: "Differentiate between damage sources to the pioneer and everything else"
The health bar

Health points (HP or hitpoints) refers to the amount of damage one can take before becoming dead/destroyed.

Below is the list of things with health points:

Other objects, such as player built structures, do not have hit points and cannot be damaged by any means.

The player-controlled character, pioneer has 100 health points divided into 10 segments, 10 HP each.

Taking damage

Every time the pioneer takes damage from any source, the sound of a heart monitor beeping will play and a flashing white message will display on the top of the screen reading "DAMAGE TO FICSIT PROPERTY DETECTED". If the pioneer falls below 30 health, the message will turn orange and read "IMMINENT DESTRUCTION OF FICSIT PROPERTY DETECTED". The message will go away after not taking damage for a couple of seconds.

The heart monitor is the only sound that plays, there are no injury sounds or gasps like you might see in other games.


If the health reaches 0, the pioneer dies. The sound of a heartrate monitor flatlining plays, the camera switches to 3rd person and the character enters a rag-doll state. A prompt will be pop up which allows the pioneer to be re-spawned, by pressing Right click. All items in the inventory will drop in the death crate at the location of the pioneer's corpse, which will appear on the compass. The player will then be re-spawned at The HUB with 30 health points. The death crate stays there forever until emptied by the player, even if the player dies to the void; however, its marker disappears from the compass once the game is reloaded.

In a multiplayer session, other pioneers can revive dead pioneers by holding down E over them for five seconds, respawning them with 30 HP.


When health is below 30, the health bar will start flashing red. If the pioneer does not receive damage for 5 seconds, emergency health regen of 1.25HP/sec will take place up to 30 HP, followed by slow regen up to full health.

Healing items may be consumed to restore health, up to 100 (full health). Healing items can be consumed even at full health, regenerating nothing. To consume a healing item, place it in your hands and click the LMB (Left).

Name Health restored
Beryl Nut.png Beryl Nut 5 HP
Paleberry.png Paleberry 10 HP
Bacon Agaric.png Bacon Agaric 20 HP
Medicinal Inhaler.png Medicinal Inhaler 100 HP

Damage sources

Source Damage Description
Fall damage 1–97 HP See section below
Fluffy-tailed Hog 10 HP Tackle attack
Alpha Hog 20 HP
30 HP
Tackle attack
Bite attack
Johnny 1-100 HP Explosion damage based on distance; a direct hit is guaranteed to instakill, lesser splash damage is dealt when further away
Spitter 1-13 HP
1-8 HP
Melee fireball
Ranged fireball (more on Spitter)
Alpha Spitter 1-16 HP
<50 HP
Knockback attack
Ranged attack. (more on Alpha Spitter)
Stinger 10 HP
30 HP
5 HP
Small Stinger claw attack
Large and Elite Stinger claw attack, charge attack or jump attack
Elite Stinger poison attack, per second
Flying Crab 10 HP Impact damage. The crab dies upon attacking
Poison Gas 5 HP Poison damage from Gas Pillars, Spore Flowers and Elite Stingers, per second and per source
Radiation 1 HP Variable rate, up to 20 per second
Nobelisk 1–50 HP
1 HP
Explosion damage based on distance
Sticking to target
Nuke Nobelisk (more on Nobelisk Detonator)
World boundary/Void 1 HP
100 HP
Inner boundary, 5 per second
Outer boundary, instakill
Freight Car 100 HP Instakill. Crushed by either putting items into an empty Freight Car and spawning a container over yourself, or by getting a container loaded on yourself from a Freight Platform

Fall damage

Falling from a height of more than 13.5 meters results in fall damage. Fall damage can be prevented with a U-Jelly Landing Pad, Parachute or Jetpack. Fall damage is slightly reduced when a pair of Blade Runners is equipped. Fall damage is capped at 97 damage, with Blade Runners at 96, therefore all falls are not lethal provided the pioneer has 98–100 HP before touching the ground.


  • Patch Reduced Pioneer passive health regen rate in the 30% to 100% range from 0.25 to 0.1 recovery per second, effectively increasing health regen duration until full from ~5 minutes to ~12 minutes
  • Patch Pioneers now passively regenerate to full health.
  • Patch 0.3: Reviving an pioneer in multiplayer now spawns them with 30 HP instead of 1 HP.
  • Patch Closed Alpha 5: Pioneers no longer respawn with full health.